Collin Abdominal Retractor with 3-Blade Design - The Ultimate in Surgical Precision

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Collin Abdominal Retractor – 3-Blade Design for Surgical Precision

  • Build: Fashioned from rugged Martensitic steel ensuring durability
  • Blade Dimensions: Designed with Side Blades of 38x60mm and a Center Blade of 38x55mm
  • Maximum Capability: Able to maintain an opening of up to 100mm for maximum wound exposure
  • Design Specifics: A self-holding locking mechanism and a removable center blade for optimal efficiency
  • Usability: Perfectly designed for retraction of skin, muscle or viscera after surgical incision
  • Weight: Lightweight (0.410kg) for ease of handling
  • Maintenance Requirements: Cleaning, sterilizing, and disinfecting after use is advised for prolonged product life. Compatible with steam sterilizers
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Accomplish Surgical Exactness with the 3-Blade Collin Abdominal Retractor

Transform the surgical experience with the Collin Abdominal Retractor, esteemed for its design and technical precision. Comprising a three-blade structure coupled with a robust self-retaining apparatus, the retractor delivers unrivaled stability and enhanced visibility of the surgical area.

Unmatched Efficacy Coupled with Superior Durability

Crafted from tough Martensitic steel, the Collin Abdominal Retractor is designed for extended usage without compromising sharpness or performance. The configuration includes side blades of 38x60mm and a central blade of 38x55mm, allowing an expansive wound opening of up to 100mm, thereby facilitating complex surgical operations.

Minimizing Strain for Maximum Productivity

Equipped with a user-friendly locking system, the Collin Abdominal Retractor minimizes physical strain on medical personnel during surgery. This feature, by promoting self-retention of the retractor, reduces fatigue and enhances operating efficiency during surgical operations.

Effortless Upkeep, Integral Part of 'Surg. Inst., abdominal /SET.' (S9910000)

Adhering to maintenance protocols is crucial with this surgical instrument. Post-procedure cleaning and disinfection are mandatory, followed by steam sterilization for thorough decontamination. Including the Collin Abdominal Retractor in your surgical toolkit is a valuable addition to the 'Surg. inst., abdominal /SET.'

Packaging and Functional Use

Enclosed securely within an individual plastic cover, this surgical instrument includes comprehensive instructions and manufacturer details for user convenience. Owing to its versatile design and superior build, this retractor is widely used for retracting skin, fatty tissue, muscle, or organ during surgical procedures.

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