Neonate Resuscitator Set: Top-of-the-line Hand-Operated Solution for Urgent Neonatal Care

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Online Purchase: Hand-Operated Neonate Resuscitator Set – Lifesaver for Critical Neonatal Care

This Portable and Reusable Neonate Resuscitator Set is an essential tool for emergency rescue teams and healthcare providers. It utilizes a Silicone Rubber Bag (220-280ml) and durable Polycarbonate/Polysulfone Valves, highlighting its robustness. Including a Non-Rebreathing Patient Valve for added safety, it uses either Ambient Air or Oxygen, ensuring adaptability. The set features two masks and a 600ml reservoir bag, providing a comprehensive solution for infant respiratory distress.

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Neonate Resuscitator Set: A Lifesaver for Critical Neonatal Care

Ensuring delay-free, crucial care for low-birth-weight or preterm neonates is paramount. Our stunning Neonate Resuscitator Set is a hand-operated, portable solution precisely crafted to cater to such emergent needs. This neonatal resuscitation kit is meticulously engineered to address immediate breathing problems and provide adequate ventilation to neonates, thereby potentially saving lives.

Key Features and Product Attributes:

  • Targeted User Group: The set is uniquely designed for preterm babies, infants with less weight, and term babies weighing under 5 kg.
  • Portable and Hand-Operated: The lightweight yet robust structure, combined with a hand-operated mechanism, makes it efficient for emergency usage.
  • Silicone Rubber Bag: Equipped with a silicone rubber bag with a capacity range of 220-280ml, this set ensures high-pressure delivery and user comfort.
  • High-Quality Material: Constructed with polycarbonate and polysulfone, the intake valve and nipple offer tremendous strength and longevity.
  • Patient-Friendly Design: The non-rebreathing patient valve, with a pressure limit feature, ensures maximum safety and lung protection in neonates.
  • Operational Flexibility: The device can work efficiently with either ambient air or oxygen to match the clinical needs of neonates.
  • Added Components: Equipped with masks in two sizes for a perfect fit and a reservoir bag of approximately 600ml for continuous oxygen supply.
  • Standard Compliance: This product conforms to the European Medical Device Directive (MDD 93/42/EEC) and ISO10651-4: Lung ventilators - Part 4. A go-to choice for healthcare professionals and emergency rescuers alike.
  • Easy Maintenance: The kit is convenient to disassemble, clean, and disinfect, allowing for easy upkeep and supreme hygiene.

Being an integral part of the S9908400 - Basic Resuscitation Kit, this Neonate Resuscitator Set is a key instrument in the realm of urgent neonatal care. Discover the immeasurable potential of the Neonate Resuscitator Set for enhancing the quality of your healthcare services.

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