Adult Hand-Operated Resuscitator Set: Revolutionizing Emergency Resuscitation

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An indispensable life-saving medical device – the Adult Hand-Operated Resuscitator Set delivers exceptional efficiency in saving lives. Primarily crafted for adults weighing over 30kg, this product guarantees longevity and robust functionality due to its resilient, latex-free materials.

  • Hand-Operated and Self-Refilling: With a substantial bag capacity of 1475-2000ml, supports emergency resuscitation.
  • Safety Valves: Equipped with a non-rebreathing patient valve, inclusive of a pressure limiting option.
  • Oxygen Source and Storage: Inlet valve connected to an O2 tube nipple complements a spacious oxygen reservoir bag offering a 2000-2600 ml oxygen holding capacity.
  • Diverse Masks: Set comprises three transparent masks in various sizes – small, medium, and large.
  • Compliance: Adheres to European Medical Device Directive and ISO standards, ensuring utmost safety.

  • Device cleansing and disinfection obligatory post every use. Clear user instructions provided in the package.

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Adult Hand-Operated Resuscitator Set: Exceptional Efficiency in Saving Lives

Forge a new frontier on emergency rescue with the revolutionary Adult Hand-Operated Resuscitator Set. Crafted with superior quality materials and a multifaceted design, this set redefines medical interventions, offering unparalleled high-efficiency ventilation preventing life-threatening situations. Designed with adult patients in mind, it's suitable for individuals above 30 kg bodyweight, making it a universal lifesaving solution for every healthcare facility.

Key Features:

  • Non-Rebreathing Design: Hand-operated ventilation facilitated by a self-refilling bag offers non-rebreathing capacity, ensuring controlled and precise ventilation during crucial interventions.
  • Superior Safety Measures: The resuscitator incorporates a patient valve with a pressure-limiting feature for enhanced safety, adhering strictly to the rigorous standards of MDD 93/42/EEC and ISO 10651-4.
  • Oxygen Connection: Features an innovative inlet valve and a nipple for swift O2 tubing connection and an oxygen reservoir bag with 2000-2600ml capacity to ensure ample oxygen supply.
  • Inclusion of Customized Masks: Comes with three transparent, customizable masks available in small, medium, and large adult sizes to match diverse patient needs.
  • Allergy-free Construction: Made completely from latex-free components, reducing possible allergenic reactions or sensitivities.
  • Durable Material: Built with high-strength materials like silicone rubber, polycarbonate, polysulfone, and plastic, ensuring longevity and performance reliability.

Coupled with explicit instructions in English, French, and Spanish, the Adult Hand-Operated Resuscitator Set substantially enhances the safety and effectiveness of medical interventions. Importantly, ensure thorough cleaning and disinfection after each use to uphold the highest safety standards. It's not merely a medical device; it's a trusted ally committed to saving lives.

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