60ml Reagent Reservoirs for Lab Work: Uncompromised Quality and Precision

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60ml Reagent Reservoirs: Premium Quality and Precision for Lab Work are invaluable components in laboratories. Produced from sturdy, medical-grade polystyrene, these reservoirs ensure longevity and dependability in high-demand lab settings.

  • Durability: Constructed from top-notch, medical-grade polystyrene for expanded longevity.
  • Capacity: Can contain up to 60ml of reagent, suitable for wide-ranging lab trials.
  • Disposable design: Reduces the possibility of cross-contamination, giving reliable outcomes.
  • Packaging: Convenient pack of 30 giving consistent supplies for various experiments.
  • Precision: Accurate graduated markers assisting in precise measurements and effortless volume regulation.

An optimal solution for assorted lab tasks such as chemical examination, pharmaceutical study, and genetic testing; a trusted tool for your scientific necessities.

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60ml Reagent Reservoirs: Premium Quality and Precision for Lab Work

Our high-grade 60ml reagent reservoirs are an unassailable necessity for any laboratory work, providing solutions that transcend efficiency and convenience. With a precision-built design and top-quality standards, these reservoirs are the epitome of absolute reliability and performance.

Fabricated from superior, medical-grade polystyrene, these reservoirs promise outstanding durability, offering long-lasting, consistent performance. The robust construction guarantees reliable results in diverse lab applications due to their impressive capacity to hold up to 60ml of reagent, amplifying versatility.

Designed for single-use, they effectively alleviate the potential risks of cross-contamination, reaffirming the credibility of your valuable experiments. With this unique feature, the integrity and sterility of your solutions remain uncompromised, promoting utmost accuracy in the laboratory analysis.

Each pack contains 30 quality reservoirs, adequately stocked to ensure you never run short of essential lab supplies during intensive processes. Availability in generous pack sizes renders these reagent reservoirs a pragmatic solution for various research and clinical applications.

These practical reservoirs are built with graduated markings, facilitating exact measurements for faultless reagent dispensing. Their user-friendly design promotes straightforward handling, ensuring effortless usage even in the most exigent laboratory settings.

60ml Reagent Reservoirs are essential for laboratories striving for meticulous research outcomes. Enhance the preciseness and efficiency of your laboratory with these premium reagent reservoirs. Order today for a swift, reliable delivery!

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