Replenishment Kit for School-in-a-Box - A Comprehensive Learning Material Repository

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The Replenishment Kit for School-in-a-Box is a paramount toolset optimized for enriching education in digital learning settings. Essential components consist of:

  • Notebooks: Ideal for note-taking and assignment completion.
  • Pens: Catering to a wide spectrum of writing requirements.
  • Chalk: Suitable for both conventional and interactive whiteboards.
  • Markers: Perfect for creative undertakings and informative presentations.
  • Scissors: Secure handling for all kinds of cutting tasks.
  • Paint and Brushes: Encouraging artistic exploration.

Packed in a sturdy double-walled box, measuring 0.60 L x 0.40 W x 0.25 H m, weighing 24 kg and with a volume of 0.060 cbm. It seamlessly complements the School-in-a-Box Kit and serves up to 40 students.

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Replenishment Kit for School-in-a-Box: Essential Study Tools for Digital Education Suitability

Get back to the classroom with the ‘Replenishment Kit for School-in-a-Box’. This robust kit, loaded with crucial educational materials for up to 40 students, provides a one-stop solution for all your classroom needs. Packed with a range of materials for both teachers and students, this kit facilitates a well-structured and interactive learning experience.

Inclusive Teacher and Student Materials

This comprehensive kit contains teaching aids like a detailed register, high-grade exercise books, and multiple writing instruments, including pens and chalks. Moreover, utility items like scissors and tapes are also provided, facilitating efficient session delivery. For students, the kit packs in essentials like A5 exercise books, an array of pens and pencils, vibrant crayons, erasers, and effective pencil sharpeners. These supplies are designed to engage students in active learning and provide a solid foundation for their educational journey.

Practical and Sturdy Packaging

In terms of packaging, the Replenishment Kit for School-in-a-Box stands apart. All materials are neatly grouped and placed into a double-walled carton that ensures the contents have optimal protection. Furthermore, the box’s design facilitates hassle-free storage and transportation, making it suitable for any educational setup.

Key Features

  • All-inclusive education material kit for teachers and students
  • Comprises 20 pivotal components required for enriching classroom teachings
  • Durable double-walled carton offering superior protection and ease of storage
  • Comprehensive teacher’s materials including detailed register, variety of exercise books, multiple writing tools, scissors, tapes, and chalkboard paint
  • Diverse student essentials such as exercise books, an array of writing tools, vibrant drawing supplies, erasers, and functional pencil sharpeners
  • The well-organized packing ensures secure transit and storage


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