Bechtop Refrigerated High Speed Centrifuge: Advanced Control & Efficient Cooling - Optimal Performance in the Lab

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Bechtop Refrigerated High Speed Centrifuge – Advanced Control & Efficient Cooling

The Bechtop Refrigerated High Speed Centrifuge combines accurate functionality and efficient cooling for laboratory use. Designed with a cutting-edge CPU control system, this centrifuge offers high-speed accuracy and broad applicability. Its fluorine-free refrigeration ensures an eco-friendly operation while providing efficient cooling. Additional features include a safety system with automatic fault diagnosis and over-protection measures, contributing to a reliable, efficient workhorse for any lab.

  • Advanced CPU control system for precise operational control.
  • Maintenance-free variable frequency motor ensures high speed control accuracy.
  • Eco-friendly refrigeration system for efficient cooling without harmful chemicals.
  • Automated fault diagnosis and protection functions ensure secure and reliable operation.
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Bechtop Refrigerated High Speed Centrifuge: Precision, Power, and Safety

The Bechtop Refrigerated High Speed Centrifuge is an advanced and efficient centrifuge designed for performance, reliability, and user-friendly operation. Engineered for diverse laboratory applications, this high-powered instrument delivers rapid centrifugal force, precision control, and a versatile temperature range. Whether you're separating biological samples or performing sensitive research, trust in the versatile capability of the Bechtop Refrigerated High Speed Centrifuge.

Key Features:

  • Advanced CPU Control System: This cutting-edge microcontroller regulates speed, time, temperature, and relative centrifugal force, offering unmatched control precision.
  • Maintenance-free Variable Frequency Motor: For high-speed control accuracy without the hassle of frequent upkeep.
  • Fluorine-free Refrigeration System: Efficient cooling capability catering to environmentally conscious lab environments.
  • Comprehensive Safety Measures: Includes automatic fault diagnosis and protection functions for overweight, over temperature, and unbalance situations, ensuring the safety of users and samples.
  • Wide Temperature Range: Operates from as low as -20°C to as high as 40°C, ideal for a variety of samples and application needs.
  • Quiet Operation: Noise level ≤60dB, contributing to a quiet and comfortable lab environment.

Technical Specifications:

Parameter Value
Max Speed 24000 rpm
Max RCF 47800*g
Max Capacity 4*100ml
Temperature Range -20°C to 40°C
Time Range 0-99 minutes
Dimensions 610*622*360mm
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