REDExtract-N-Amp Plant PCR Kit - DNA Extraction and Amplification Solution

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  • REDExtract-N-Amp™ Plant PCR Kit: A versatile kit designed for plant researchers, allowing easy and reliable extraction and amplification of DNA
  • 10 extractions: Each kit provides enough reagents for 10 DNA extractions, ensuring ample supply for your experiments
  • 10 amplifications: With sufficient components for 10 PCR amplifications, you can confidently proceed with your genetic analysis
  • Plant direct PCR kit: Enables direct PCR from plant samples, saving time and eliminating the need for DNA purification
  • Plant direct PCR kit with loading dye: Conveniently includes loading dye in the kit, streamlining the PCR process further
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REDExtract-N-Ampu2122 Plant PCR Kit

The REDExtract-N-Ampu2122 Plant PCR Kit is a highly reliable and efficient solution for DNA extraction and amplification from various plant samples. With this kit, researchers and scientists can conveniently isolate and amplify DNA directly from plant samples without the need for DNA purification or extraction steps. It offers a streamlined workflow, saving time and effort in the lab.

Simple and Convenient

The REDExtract-N-Ampu2122 Plant PCR Kit simplifies the DNA extraction and amplification process, making it suitable for both experienced researchers and beginners. The kit eliminates the need for time-consuming DNA purification steps, reducing the overall workflow time and labor involved. The simplified procedure makes it accessible for researchers with limited expertise in DNA extraction techniques.

Efficient DNA Extraction

This plant direct PCR kit employs a unique extraction and amplification process that ensures high-quality DNA recovery from plant samples. The extraction step efficiently removes contaminants, inhibitors, and polysaccharides, providing purified DNA suitable for downstream applications. The extracted DNA can be directly used for PCR amplification without the need for intermediate purification steps.

Reliable Amplification

The REDExtract-N-Ampu2122 Plant PCR Kit ensures accurate and reproducible DNA amplification. The kit includes specially formulated reagents and enzymes optimized for plant DNA amplification, minimizing the risk of PCR inhibition and providing consistent results. The kit can be used for a wide range of PCR applications, including genotyping, gene expression analysis, and genetic testing.

Sufficient for Multiple Extractions and Amplifications

The REDExtract-N-Ampu2122 Plant PCR Kit provides sufficient reagents for 10 extractions and 10 amplifications, allowing multiple experiments to be conducted. The kit offers excellent value for money, reducing the cost per reaction and making it an economical choice for labs with high sample throughput.

Quality Assurance

The REDExtract-N-Ampu2122 Plant PCR Kit undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure consistent performance. Each batch is tested for quality, efficiency, and reliability to meet the highest standards of accuracy and reproducibility. The kit is manufactured using state-of-the-art techniques and follows strict manufacturing practices to ensure batch-to-batch consistency.


The REDExtract-N-Ampu2122 Plant PCR Kit is compatible with a wide range of plant species and tissues. It can be used with leaf samples, flower samples, stem samples, and other plant materials. The kit offers versatility in terms of plant species, allowing researchers to work with a variety of samples without the need for multiple kits.

Kit Contents

  • Extraction Solution: A proprietary extraction solution optimized for efficient DNA extraction from plant samples.
  • PCR Mix: A specialized PCR mix containing all the necessary components for DNA amplification, including primers, dNTPs, and polymerase.
  • Loading Dye (optional): A loading dye for easy visual tracking of the sample during gel electrophoresis.
  • Nuclease-Free Water: High-quality water that is free from nuclease contamination, ensuring reliable and accurate results.


  1. Sample collection: Collect the desired plant tissue sample and transfer it to a microcentrifuge tube.
  2. Extraction and amplification: Add the extraction solution directly to the tube containing the plant sample. Incubate the tube at a specified temperature for a specified duration to extract the DNA. Following extraction, add the PCR mix directly to the sample tube and proceed with PCR amplification.
  3. Electrophoresis and visualization (optional): If desired, mix the amplified PCR product with the loading dye and run it on an agarose gel for visualization.

Overall, the REDExtract-N-Ampu2122 Plant PCR Kit offers a convenient and efficient solution for DNA extraction and amplification from plant samples. It provides reliable and reproducible results, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of plant DNA analysis applications. With its simplified workflow and compatibility with various plant species, this kit is an essential tool for plant researchers, geneticists, and biotechnologists.

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