REDExtract-N-Ampu2122 Blood PCR Kit - Efficient DNA Extraction & Amplification

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  • REDExtract-N-Ampu2122 Blood PCR Kit: A high-quality kit designed for extracting genomic DNA from various blood samples, peripheral blood leukocytes, parasites, and endocervical swab eluates of mice.
  • Enough for 10 extractions and 10 amplifications: Provides ample materials to perform 10 extractions and 10 amplifications, ensuring maximum value and convenience.
  • XNABS: This kit contains the XNABS enzyme, known for its efficiency and reliability in DNA extractions.
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REDExtract-N-Ampu2122 Blood PCR Kit

The REDExtract-N-Ampu2122 Blood PCR Kit is a highly reliable and convenient solution for extracting and amplifying genomic DNA from various sources, such as blood samples, peripheral blood leukocytes, parasites, and endocervical swab eluates of mice. It provides researchers with a streamlined and efficient workflow, allowing them to obtain high-quality DNA for downstream applications, including PCR, genotyping, and sequencing.

Efficient DNA Extraction:

Designed to maximize the yield and purity of genomic DNA, the REDExtract-N-Ampu2122 Blood PCR Kit employs a proprietary XNADS extraction method. This method harnesses the power of XNABS, a unique formulation developed by our dedicated team of scientists. XNABS effectively lyses cells and releases DNA in a single-step, while removing contaminants that can hinder downstream applications.

Simple and User-Friendly Workflow:

The REDExtract-N-Ampu2122 Blood PCR Kit offers a simplified workflow, eliminating the need for multiple reagents and time-consuming steps. With just one tube and a few easy-to-follow steps, researchers can quickly extract DNA from their samples and proceed to amplification. This user-friendly kit saves time and minimizes the risk of contamination, ensuring consistent and reliable results with every extraction.

Sufficient Quantity for Multiple Extractions and Amplifications:

The REDExtract-N-Ampu2122 Blood PCR Kit comes with enough reagents to perform 10 extractions and 10 amplifications, providing sufficient material for several experiments. This feature is particularly valuable for labs conducting high-throughput studies or carrying out multiple replicates of their experiments. Researchers can achieve cost-effectiveness and optimize their time and resources by using our kit.

Versatile and Reliable:

The REDExtract-N-Ampu2122 Blood PCR Kit has been extensively tested and validated for a variety of DNA sources, including blood samples, peripheral blood leukocytes, parasites, and endocervical swab eluates of mice. Its versatility makes it an essential tool for researchers working in various fields, such as molecular biology, genetics, and microbiology. With this kit, you can confidently extract and amplify DNA from different sources with consistent and reliable results.


  • PCR amplification
  • Genotyping
  • Sequencing
  • Gene expression analysis
  • Mutation analysis
  • Forensic DNA analysis


  • Extraction Solution: XNABS-based solution for efficient DNA extraction
  • Amplification Mix: Ready-to-use mix for PCR amplification
  • Control DNA: Positive control DNA for validation and troubleshooting
  • Nuclease-Free Water: High-quality water for dilution and reconstitution

Experience the convenience, efficiency, and reliability of the REDExtract-N-Ampu2122 Blood PCR Kit. By choosing our kit, you can streamline your DNA extraction and amplification process, saving time and resources while obtaining accurate, reproducible results in your research.

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