High-Quality Reagents for Precise Vitamin A Analysis

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Enhance the detection accuracy of Vitamin A in vegetable oils with the superior ‘Reagents for Vitamin A Analysis’ kit. It is tailored for the S0000226 photometer, refining your analytical operations. Key attributes comprise:

  • Reaction Vial: Streamlines analysis procedures.
  • Syringe & Needle: Ensures precise measurement.
  • Key Chemicals: Features Trichloromethane (Chemical formula: CHCl3, CAS: 67-66-3) and Antimony trichloride (Chemical formula: SbCl3, CAS 10025-91-9) for peak outcomes.
  • Longevity: Prolonged shelf-life of up to 15 months.
  • Test Range: Executes up to 100 tests per kit.
  • Storage & Transport: Complies with safety protocols for secure storage and effective use.

This high-grade reagents kit supports multifaceted verticals with exemplary analysis quality.

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High-Grade Reagents for Accurate Vitamin A Analysis in Vegetable Oil

The imperative need for precise analysis in industry sector paves the way for our high-quality reagents, meticulously designed for Vitamin A content analysis in vegetable oil. Upgraded from the UN2922 Class 8, Pack Group II - our reagents ensure optimal testing results.

Product Breakdown

We introduce a well-sorted product that is an amalgamation of Trichloromethane and Antimony Trichloride. Packaged into 100 separate reaction vials of 2ml each, our reagents supplement S0000226 portable photometer, thus promising unparalleled precision.

Quality and Precision

Our reagents are fashions under strict quality control measures and exceed industry quality standards, ensuring accuracy and repeatability in your Vitamin A analysis.

Extended Shelf Life

These reagents come with an extended shelf life of 15 months, offering improved efficiency and extended usability to users.

Safe Transit

In compliance with UN2922 Class 8, Pack Group II - our products are packaged securely, ensuring safe transit and a risk-free experience for our users.

Complete Analysis Guide

An elaborate guide accompanies our product that covers essential aspects of using the reagents and fortified foods analysis. Therefore, we promise not just a product, but a complete user experience.

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