High-Performance Razor Single Edge Plastic S.U./PAC-10 – Efficient & Safe Single-Use Shaving Solution

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High-performance Razor Single Edge Plastic S.U./PAC-10 for Efficient Shaving

  • Product: A durable, single-use plastic razor.
  • Contents: This razor comprises one sharp stainless steel blade with detachable protective cap.
  • Dimensions: The product offers a practical size, featuring a 4cm wide head and a 11cm long handle.
  • Packaging: Each package contains 10 individually labelled razors, complete with manufacturer’s name, product reference, lot number, expiry date, and storage instructions.
  • Function: Solely designed for efficient hair removal. Use once and dispose responsibly. No reuse.
  • Additional Information: Comes as a standalone product, sans accessories, spare parts, or consumables, and is not part of any kit.
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High-performance Razor Single Edge Plastic S.U./PAC-10 for Efficient Shaving

Experience a new standard in personal grooming with the high-performance Razor Single Edge Plastic S.U./PAC-10. Designed for convenience and efficiency, this pack of 10 is a value-driven shaving solution that strikes the perfect balance between functionality and safety.

Each razor is a single-use tool, with a focus on hygiene and user safety. Boasting a plastic handle and head along with a sharp, stainless steel single blade edge, it presents you with a comfortable and highly effective shaving solution.

The inclusion of a detachable plastic cap adds an extra layer of safety, preventing any accidental nicks or cuts. Crafted for convenience, this non-sterile razor set is a practicality-centred solution meant for easy handling with an uncompromised user experience.

Key features of this exceptional product include:

  • Single-use design ensuring hygiene and sharpness of the blade for every shave.
  • A plastic handle and head coupled with a stainless steel single blade for comfortable, effective shaving.
  • Comfortable dimensions – an approximately 4 cm head and approximately 11 cm handle – that ensure precision and safety with each shave.

The packaging clearly outlines essential information such as storage conditions and usage instructions. Safety is emphasized, with users instructed to destroy each razor securely after use.

With a weight of approximately 0.013 kg and an estimated volume of 0.08 cdm, these lightweight razors make for an easy-to-store personal grooming solution, ensuring you always have a fresh blade at hand. Whether for personal use at home or professional use at a salon, the Razor Single Edge Plastic S.U./PAC-10 offers high-performance, efficient, and practical shaving.

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