Multi-position Lab Tube Rack, Set of 3 - Essential Laboratory Accessory for Enhanced Efficiency

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Product: Essential Laboratory Accessory – Multi-position Lab Tube Rack, Set of 3. A critical tool for labs, capable of holding 240 tubes of distinct sizes (0.5ml, 2.0ml, and 15.0ml). Crafted from durable, chemically-resistant plastic.

  • Composition: Each set encompasses 3 versatile, long-lasting racks.
  • Features: Each rack contains 96 positions for 0.5ml and 2.0ml tubes plus 36 for 15.0ml tubes, facilitating efficient storage and retrieval.
  • Application: Perfect for storing and organizing microcentrifuge and screw-capped storage tubes across all lab settings.
  • Packaging: Primary packaging includes 1 (one) set of 3 Lab Tube Racks.
  • Specifications: Assumed weight and volume of 1.0kg and 2.43dm3 respectively improve ease of shipping and storage.
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Multi-position Lab Tube Rack, Set of 3: An Essential Accessory for Every Laboratory

Revolutionize your laboratory workspace with our set of three Multi-position Lab Tube Racks - an indispensable accessory for enhancing functionality and streamlining procedures. Crafted with a robust, resistant material, the racks offer strategic design that supports a range of tube sizes while optimizing space and facilitating seamless operations.

  • Unique Versatility: The racks are custom-designed to support a multitude of tube sizes - 0.5ml, 2.0ml, and 15.0ml, ensuring compatibility with microcentrifuge tubes and screw-capped storage tubes.
  • Unmatched Durability: The construction involves top-quality chemical-resistant plastic, specifically targeted to battle harsh laboratory conditions, promising a product longevity that outranks competitors.
  • Space Optimization: Each rack lens exceptional space-efficiency with 32 positions for 0.5ml and 2.0ml tubes and 12 positions for 15.0ml tubes. Benefit from a clutter-free workspace and improved accessibility to reduce wasted time and improve your throughput.
  • Handy Package: Packaged thoughtfully as a set of 3 Lab Tube Racks, they cater to varying storage needs within any lab setup.
  • Specifications:
    • Estimated weight: 1.0 kg
    • Estimated volume: 2.43 dm3

    The Multi-position Lab Tube Racks are curated to provide smoother operations, adaptive organization, and a reliable solution for tube placement within laboratories. Improve the efficiency and productivity of your lab operations with our set of three Multi-position Lab Tube Racks today.

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