24-Position Test Tube Rack: Enhance Your Lab Organization and Efficiency

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Upgrade your laboratory organization with the 24 Position Test Tube Rack – Essential Laboratory Organization Tool. This durable, stainless steel tool elevates lab productivity and efficiency. Remarkable features include:

  • Capacity Optimization: Accommodates up to 24 test tubes with 18mm diameter;
  • Robust Construction: Fabricated from high-grade stainless steel for longevity under rigorous laboratory conditions;
  • Space Efficient: Compact design suited for laboratories with limited space;
  • Purity Maintained: Devoid of chemicals, ensuring neutral impact on various lab environments;
  • Ease of Handling: Individual packaging provided for simplified manipulation.
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Your Essential Lab Organizer: The 24-Position Test Tube Rack

Achieve unrivaled laboratory efficiency with the 24-position Test Tube Rack. This essential laboratory organizing tool, made from robust stainless steel, promises enduring performance in various lab environments, from educational institutions to high-tech research facilities. Its resistance to daily wear and tear ensures you get the best value for your investment, providing continued efficiency in managing crucial samples.

  • Sturdy Construction: The 24-position Test Tube Rack exhibits exceptional durability and resilience, thanks to its high-grade stainless steel construction. Built to withstand heavy usage in multiple laboratory settings, it assures maintained performance in the long run.
  • Efficient Sample Management: This rack can accommodate up to 24 test tubes simultaneously, offering an integrated solution for superior sample organization. Its potential to support effective sample management makes it the ideal choice for health labs, educational institutions, commercial labs, and research facilities.
  • Compact yet Capacious: Weighing only 0.09kg, this Test Tube Rack ensures easy handling and mobility. With a compact design occupying just 0.006m3 space, it maximizes the usage of available lab space without compromising its capacity to hold samples.
  • Safe Delivery and Easy Unpacking: We take extra precautions to securely package the product for safe delivery. The rack's unpacking and installation process is straightforward, thus making the startup process hassle-free.
  • Boosts Laboratory Efficiency: The 24-Position Test Tube Rack, with its capacity to conveniently store and manage your test tubes, significantly increases the efficiency and organization of any lab. Regardless if it's a commercial, educational, health, or research lab, this rack fulfills all unique laboratory needs effectively.
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