High-Durability 12-Position Slide Drying Rack: Optimize Lab Efficiency

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Enhance Your R&D with a High-Durability 12-Slot Slide Drying Rack

Upgrade lab productivity with our robust 12-slot slide drying rack. Crafted from heat-stable plexiglass, it boosts drying speed for microscopy slides while ensuring durability and superior temperature resistance.

  • Durability: Built with heat-stable plexiglass for durability and temperature resistance.
  • Compact: Lightweight (0.4kg) and compact (0.003m3) for easy storage and handling.
  • Safety: Its self-standing design minimizes accidental damage risks.
  • Secure Packaging: Shipped in protective packaging for safe transit and storage.
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Optimize Your Lab Efficiency with the High-Durability 12-Position Slide Drying Rack

Boost your lab operations with a durable, efficient, and highly organized drying setup: the High-Durability 12-Position Slide Drying Rack. Expertly designed for high-performance labs, this unit combines cutting-edge features, superior construction, and a user-friendly interface to maximize your work's productivity and quality.

A Superior Drying Solution for High-Quality Results

The 12-Position Slide Drying Rack is efficiently crafted to expedite the drying process. Each slot is individually numbered, supporting seamless organization. Providing optimal air circulation for each specimen slide, this rack ensures thorough drying while eliminating the risk of sample cross-contamination or contact.

  • Twelve slots with individual labeling for top-notch organization
  • Enhanced air circulation capability for quick, contact-free drying

Uncompromised Durability with Easy Portability

The rack’s robust plexiglass plastic construction assures resilience to high temperatures, guaranteeing longevity and durable operation. A compact, lightweight design compliments its sturdy build – offering convenient portability and ease of installation in any lab setup.

  • Heat-resistant, high-grade plexiglass assures long lifespan
  • Lightweight, compact design eases setup and transfer within lab spaces

User-Friendly Design for Streamlined Lab Operations

The Slide Drying Rack is designed with user convenience in mind. Featuring intuitive blotting paper installation for optimal moisture absorption, the rack simplifies your workflow by merging robust operations with usability.

What’s Included?

Your Slide Drying Rack package ensures a hassle-free start. Inside, you’ll find the well-packaged 12-Position Slide Drying Rack, expertly shipped and ready for immediate use. With our rack, you can improve your lab's efficiency, productivity, and results.


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