R73 Series High Pressure / Back Pressure Valve - Optimal Control & Versatility

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The R73 Series High Pressure / Back Pressure Valve is a high-grade pressure control solution created to cater to the needs of high-pressure systems and back-pressure regulation operations. Composed of SS316L and Brass nickel plated, this valve assures durability and intricate control.

  • Engineered with a piston sensor elevating its sensitivity
  • Offers five distinct pressure relief ranges
  • Delivers maximum control pressure of 6000psig
  • Portrays a bubble-tight leak rate enhancing efficiency and safety
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R73 Series High Pressure / Back Pressure Valve: Premium Pressure Control Solution

Your search for a reliable and versatile pressure control solution ends here, with the dynamic R73 Series High Pressure / Back Pressure Valve. This revolutionary product seamlessly blends top-notch technology, superior design, and advanced performance to cater to your diverse pressure control needs across industries.

Unparalleled Functionality

  • Five distinctive relief pressure ranges, able to cater to a wide variety of industrial needs
  • 1/4u201d NPT(F) body ports that allow for easy adaptation to varied applications
  • A sturdy make with the main body crafted from SS316L and Brass nickel-plated for high durability and corrosion resistance
  • Bonnet made from SS304 and Brass nickel-plated enhances product longevity
  • PCTFE and Viton u00ae compound make up the durable valve seat and O-ring, respectively, enhancing ruggedness
  • Maximum control pressure of 6000psig and control pressure ranges from 5~500psig, 10~1500psig, 15~3000psig, 25~4000psig, to 50~6000psig
  • Operational temperature range from -10o F to 165o F (-23o C to 74o C), ensuring efficient operation under varying environmental conditions
  • Conveniently lightweight, weighing in at just 1 kg
  • Superior set point repeatability and low hand knob torque for easy pressure settings
  • Bubble-tight leak rate for optimal safety during operation
  • Includes panel and bracket mounts for a comprehensive pressure control solution

The R73 Series High Pressure / Back Pressure Valve stands as a testament to exceptional control, reliability, and versatility in the realm of pressure control. Retain your peace of mind by opting for this proven high-performance solution.

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