R51 Series Absolute Pressure Regulator - Unrivalled Single-Stage Precision Control

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R51 Series Absolute Pressure Regulator – A high-quality, single-stage precision control regulator designed for consistent outlet pressure. Key features include:

  • Accurate Pressure Control: With a metal to metal diaphragm seal, it ensures superior performance and durability.
  • Flexible Installation: Comes with adjustable stop and panel-bracket mounts. Compatible with 1/4” NPT (F) installation.
  • Corrosion and Chemical Resistance: Composed of corrosion-resistant SS316L and Brass nickel-plated body, with PTFE valve seat and SS316L diaphragm.
  • Outstanding reliability: Leak-proof up to 2×108 atm cc/sec He conditions, ensuring exceptional reliability.

Excellent choice for use in diverse verticals due to its robust construction and precise control capabilities.

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High-Quality Precision with the R51 Series Absolute Pressure Regulator

The R51 Series Absolute Pressure Regulator is a top-tier model in pressure control solutions with a strong emphasis on quality and precision. This single-stage pressure regulator provides a robust testament to the high standards of engineering, showcasing the union of innovative design and meticulous construction involved in its production.

Excellent Features

  • It employs a single-stage design for more efficient and functional pressure regulation.
  • The metal-to-metal diaphragm seal, known for its long lifespan and dependable performance, contributes to the overall superior build quality.
  • An adjustable stop facilitates the regulation of maximum outlet pressure.
  • Its 1/4” NPT(F) body ports enhance connectivity ease.
  • A 40-micron sintered wire mesh inlet filter enhances filtration, adding to its comprehensive functionality.
  • The regulator has a mount-friendly design, can easily fit on panels and brackets.

Durable Construction

  • The body and diaphragm are crafted from high-grade SS316L, ensuring robustness.
  • The bonnet, built from nickel-plated brass, adds to the overall durability.
  • The PTFE made valve seat guarantees long-term efficacy.


  • Maximum inlet pressure of 400psig.
  • Outlet pressure ranging from 28” Hg Vac to 15psig.
  • Tolerates a wide range of operating temperatures from -40°F to 165°F (-40°C to 74°C).
  • Consistent flow capacity (C V) of 0.06 ensures adequate performance.
  • Remarkably low leak rate: 2x10-8 atm cc/sec He.
  • Weighs a mere 1.3kg, making it lightweight and conveniently portable.
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