R10 Series Mini Regulator: Precision Industrial Pressure Control Equipment

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Introducing the R10 Series Mini Regulator, a top-tier, robust, single-stage regulator engineered for accurate pressure control across various industries. Encased in a body of superior SS316L and a solid Aluminum bonnet, it guarantees lasting operation. Highlighted features involve a leak-resistant metal-to-metal diaphragm seal, optimal performance with scarce purge demands, a 40-micron filtered inlet, versatile port options, and a tested functionality between -40u00baF~ 165u00baF. This regulator possesses a considerable flow capacity and minimal leak rate. Its lightweight design permits effortless handling and installation through panel and bracket mounts.

  • Highly durable due to quality SS316L body with an Aluminum bonnet
  • Leak-proof operation ensured by metal-to-metal diaphragm seal
  • Flexible port options with 40-micron filtered inlet
  • Impressive flow capacity and low leak rate
  • Convenient handling courtesy of its lightweight design
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R10 Series Mini Regulator: Ultimate Precision for Industrial Pressure Control

Introducing the R10 Series Mini Regulator - Your ultimate companion for industrial pressure control. Known for its precision, durability, and exceptional efficiency, the R10 Series Mini Regulator is designed to offer superior performance in diverse industrial settings, ensuring smooth operation even under challenging conditions.

Robust and Efficient Design

Built with a single-stage structure, the R10 Mini Regulator promises unmatched durability. With a body carefully crafted from superior SS316L and an aluminum bonnet enhancing its strength, this mini regulator is designed for endurance. Able to handle a maximum inlet pressure of 3000psig, the R10 Mini Regulator is a testament to robustness and reliability.

Secure and Superior Filtration

The regulator features a solid, metal-to-metal diaphragm seal that guarantees a leak-proof performance. Its valve seat integrates PTFE, PCTFE, and PEEK, ensuring consistent performance across different pressure levels. Equipped with a 40-micron sintered wire mesh inlet filter, the R10 Mini Regulator offers high-level filtration, thereby enhancing operation efficiency.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Extensive output pressure ranges: 0~25psig, 0~50psig, 0~100psig, and 0~150psig.
  • Impressive proof pressure: 1.5 times the maximum inlet pressure.
  • Operational temperature range: -40°F to 165°F.
  • Minimal leak rate: 2x10-8 atm cc/sec He.
  • Flow capacity C V: 0.08.
  • Lightweight design: The regulator weighs just 0.5kg for easy installation and transportation.

Experience enhanced functionality, performance, and value with the exceptional R10 Series Mini Regulator, where precision and durability align superbly.

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