Premium Grade (R)-Phenylalanine: High-Purity, Potent, and Highly Soluble Amino Acid Supplement

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Premium Grade (R)-Phenylalanine: Optimum Potency and Unparalleled Purity

Procure the epitome of purity and potency with our Pharmaceutical-grade (R)-Phenylalanine. This white flake-crystal amino acid material, exhibiting remarkable solubility, is crucial in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and an array of consumables. Containing chemical formula C9H11NO2 and CAS number 150-30-1, this versatile additive ensures top-tier product quality.

  • Notable Applications: Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, and Food Industry
  • Outstanding Purity: Pharmaceutical-grade assurance
  • User-Friendly: Excellent solubility in water and reasonable solubility in methanol and ethanol
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Premium Grade (R)-Phenylalanine is a top-notch amino acid supplement known for its extreme purity, high pharmaceutical-grade potency, and outstanding solubility. Crafted through an intricate manufacturing process, this superior-quality supplement promises maximum effectiveness and purity.

Offered as pure white flake crystals, the (R)-Phenylalanine supplement ensures superb solubility - it readily dissolves in water and moderately in methanol and ethanol, but doesn't dissolve in ether. With a decomposition point of 285°C, the product's high chemical resilience enhances its stability and shelf life, delivering maximum use of every potent granule.

  • High-Quality: The (R)-Phenylalanine supplement stands as a pharmaceutical-grade product, confirming its unparalleled quality and purity.
  • Highly Effective: Its high bioavailability ensures it serves as a robust source of (R)-Phenylalanine.
  • Excellent Solubility: Readily soluble in water and moderately in methanol and ethanol, the white flake crystals offer easy and diverse modes of consumption.
  • Long-lasting Stability: A decomposition point of 285°C ensures this product's stability and longer shelf life.

The combination of purity, potency, and exceptional solubility makes the Premium Grade (R)-Phenylalanine a top choice in the supplement market. It’s the go-to supplement for those who aim to enhance their health with top-tier quality (R)-Phenylalanine supplement.

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