PW Centrifugal Sewage Pumps | Optimal Industrial Waste Management Solution

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PW Centrifugal Sewage Pumps | High-Efficiency Industrial Sewage Handling Solution

Efficient and robust PW Centrifugal Sewage Pumps are premium solutions for varying industrial applications that need reliable sewage and wastewater handling. Designed as single-suction, single-stage, and cantilevered centrifugal pumps, these offer flexibility in installation with their axial suction port and an outlet that can be oriented either horizontally or vertically. The PW type is manufactured from high-quality cast iron and handles water containing solids or long-fiber waste, whereas the PWF type made of 304 stainless steel, effectively handles acidic, alkaline, or corrosive water in demanding industries. Both types can handle a maximum medium temperature of 100u2103. Benefit from their high efficiency design for significant energy savings.

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PW Centrifugal Sewage Pumps: A Versatile Solution for Optimum Industrial Sewage Management

With industrial applications requiring vigorous waste management solutions, the PW Centrifugal Sewage Pumps emerge as a compelling choice. Engineered to endure and expel liquid containing solids or long-fiber waste, these pumps substantiate reliability in operation. They are well-suited to serve multiple sectors, such as the chemical, petroleum, food, and pharmaceutical industries, hence showcasing their versatility.

High-Quality Cast Iron Construction
These pumps derive their robustness and resilience from their high-quality cast iron composition. This builds them capable of handling applications involving water with solid or long-fiber waste.

Heat Resistant
With a resistance to medium temperatures of up to 100°C, our PW Centrifugal Sewage Pumps stand competent in harsh industrial conditions.

Double End Mechanical Seal
Our pumps incorporate a unique double end mechanical seal, which intensifies their durability and longevity. Thus they are a trustworthy pick for your sewage operations.

Single-stage, Single-suction, Cantilevered Design
Decked with a primarily single-stage, single-suction, cantilevered design, these pumps promise enhanced performance and efficiency thereby saving energy and reducing cost.

Flexible Installation
The PWF pumps come with an axial suction port and horizontally or vertically oriented outlet, making them a user-accommodating solution for industrial wastewater applications.

Corrosion Resistance
Constructed with 304 stainless steel, the PWF pumps exhibit superior corrosion resistance and serve well under acidic, alkaline or other corrosive water conditions.

Main Features
These pumps come in the range of 36-180m3/h flow capacity, 4-30KW motor power, encapsulating an array of applications.

Technical Specifications

  • Flow: 36-180m3/h
  • Head: 8.5-48.5m
  • Motor Power: 4-30KW
  • Speed: 960-2950r/min
  • Diameter: Φ65-Φ100
  • Medium temperature: ≤ 100 °C

In conclusion, the PW Centrifugal Sewage Pumps are the most effective solutions for any industry demanding superior sewage handling. Offering flexibility and performance, these pumps are a top-notch choice in their league.

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