High-Performance Foot-Operated Single Piston Suction Pump: Medical Efficiency Redefined

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Our marketplace features a highly efficient, foot operated single piston suction pump. Crafted for diverse minor medical applications:

  • Piston suction technique for foolproof operation
  • Stable anti-slip base with removable elastic O-ring
  • Variable throughput (30-40 L/min) and sterilizable parts

The set includes conical nozzle-connectors, aspirating tubes, and detailed instructions in multiple languages. Amid robust materials is the transparent polycarbonate container with a capacity between 900-1100 ml. Remember: strict post-use cleaning and disinfecting protocol is essential.

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Delivering Efficiency and Innovation: High-Quality Foot-Operated Single Piston Suction Pump for Medical Procedures

Enhance the standard of health care with our advanced foot-operated single piston suction pump. With a unique emphasis on comfortable operation and maximum efficiency, this device remodels the face of minor surgical procedures, such as tracheal and pharyngeal aspiration.

Expertly crafted from premium materials, this foot-operated suction pump combines impeccable performance with a rigorous lifespan. The single piston design showcases a removable elastic O-ring assuring sound functionality and durability.

Key features include:

  • Exceptional vacuum pressure of up to -70 kPa for effortless suction.
  • Impressive air-flow capacity, ranging from 30 to 40 L/min.
  • User-friendly design with a clear 900-1100 ml container for quick and alert observation.
  • Comprehensive temperature resistance, operating smoothly between extreme temperatures of -20°C to 50°C.
  • Hygiene at its best with a fully sterilisable product design that can endure up to 121°C.

Crafted from resilient polycarbonate, slip-proof rubber, and Teflon, this medical device is accompanied by essential accessories such as aspirating tubes, conical nozzle-connectors, and comprehensive multilingual instructions for seamless operations.

Each suction pump is securely packed, promising safety during transit, and arrives ready for operational use. Moreover, our product includes spare parts and detailed instructions from the manufacturer.

A perfect amalgamation of functionality and versatility, this suction pump device is an optimal choice for various medical settings inclusive of intensive care units, emergencies, operating theaters, etc. We suggest proper training prior to operating to ensure complete safety and efficient handling of the device. For an elevated hygiene protocol, the suction pump along with the aspirating tube must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after every use. Sterilisation may also be achieved using a steam steriliser.

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