Premium Electrical Submersible Pump for Boreholes - For High Capacity and Efficiency

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Our premium Electrical Submersible Pump sets the industry standard for efficiency and high-capacity pumping in borehole applications. Crafted for long-term durability, it offers:

  • Remarkable Performance: Produces an impressive 27 m3/hr at 130 m Total Manometric Head (TMH).
  • Durable Construction: Built with robust AISI 304 stainless steel for enhanced longevity.
  • Intelligent Design: Includes vital components such as water-lubricated bearings and top non-return valve.
  • Integrated Accessories: Comes with essential add-ons like relay electrodes, a starter kit, and more.
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Introducing our high-performance Premium Electrical Submersible Pump for Boreholes. With the ability to pump 27 cubic meters per hour and a total manometric head of 130 meters, this advanced piece of equipment ensures efficient performance for your water extraction requirements. Built for water bodies such as boreholes, this pump is the ultimate solution for efficient water extraction.

Key features of this premium product include:

  • Fitted with a standard three-phase motor that can handle a power supply of 380 V - 50 Hz - 3-phase, providing you with consistent and reliable performance.
  • The protection class IP 58 enclosure safeguards it against dust and water, enabling the product to withstand difficult conditions.
  • The body and shaft of the pump are made of long-lasting AISI 304 stainless steel ensuring durability and strength.
  • High-quality Noril glass fiber-impregnated thermoplastic resin components are included in this pump to deliver supreme performance and lifespan.
  • Features such as water-lubricated bearings, a top non-return valve, and a bottom strainer are included to enhance smooth operation.
  • Includes provision for electrical cabling for a straightforward installation process.

The product comes with a comprehensive toolset which includes:

  • An electrical cable, clips, a protection device, and level relay electrodes.
  • The starter pack includes an Auto-transformer or D.O.L; the Auto-Transformer is particularly used for starting purposes.
  • Additional essential parts such as a cable termination kit, a galvanized well head, 90° elbows, a toolkit, and a two-year spare parts kit.

The Premium Electrical Submersible Pump for Boreholes is packaged securely in a durable wooden box to ensure its safe transportation. With a weight of approximately 170 kgs and a volume close to 0.8 cubic meters, this compact yet highly efficient pump is the answer for all your heavy-duty pumping needs.

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