High-Performance Electric Submersible Pump for Borehole Applications

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High-Performance Electric Submersible Pump for Borehole Applications – 18 m3/hr at 80m TMH

  • Custom-built for borehole applications, delivering a robust efficiency of 18 m3/hr at 80m total manometric head.
  • Perfect for pumping non-aggressive water without solid particles.
  • Employs a 3-phase 380V-50Hz motor and designed with IP 58 enclosure class for enhanced stability.
  • Construction involves AISI 304 stainless steel for the body and shaft, ensuring durability.
  • Arrives with essential additional parts including electric cabling, auto-transformer starter, and a basic kit of spare parts.
  • Shipped securely in a fitting wooden box weighing 110 kg with a volume of 0.55 m3
  • Suitable for use with Auto-Transformer starting for optimal performance.
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Robust and High-Performance Electric Submersible Pump for Borehole Applications

Experience water pumping at its finest with our High-Performance Electric Submersible Pump designed exclusively for borehole applications. Equipped with a pounding capacity of 18m3/hr at 80m Total Manometric Head (TMH), this device will exceed your expectations in all fronts.

Engineered for diverse water pumping needs, this submersible pump effectively handles non-aggressive water without solid particles, making it your perfect partner for myriad water extraction tasks.

Rugged Construction

The pump encapsulates a rugged AISI 304 stainless steel body and shaft, enhancing its overall durability and offering high resistance against corrosion. With an enclosure class of IP 58, this pump ensures optimal protection from dust and water intrusion.

Powerful Performance

At its heart, the pump houses a robust 3-phase motor that works seamlessly with a 380V - 50Hz power supply, delivering a powerful and energy-efficient performance. It makes use of auto-transformer starting, but Direct-On-Line (DOL) starting can be utilized for pumps of smaller capacities.

Easy Installation

The package includes electric cabling, a cable termination kit, cable clips, and a dry running protection device. These features simplify the installation process, ensuring your operations are up and running in no time.

Complete Package

The device also includes extras like electrodes, an auto-transformer starter, and well head as part of the package, adding value to your purchase. You also get a toolkit and a spare parts kit to help maintain and extend the lifespan of your device.

Portable and Functional

Weighing an estimated 110 kg and with an estimated volume of 0.55 m3, this pump strikes the perfect balance between portability and functionality. Moreover, we ensure the safe delivery of the pump by securely packaging it in a wooden box.

Equip your operations with this Electric Submersible Pump- your true solution for reliable, durable, and efficient water pumping services.

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