Heavy-Duty Submersible Electrical Dewatering Pump - Premium Water Drainage Efficiency

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Discover superior water management with our high-performance submersible Electrical Dewatering Pump. Collective features cater to heavy-duty and challenging environments:

  • Performance: Remarkably handles water with suspended solids, showcasing a flow rate of 250 litres/minute and 15-meter head.
  • Durability: Employs a cast iron body and impeller with stainless steel assembly for long-lasting reliance.
  • Protection: Secured against external conditions with corrosion-resistant epoxy paint.
  • Efficiency: Enables uninterrupted operation with high-efficiency, dry operating motor and open-type impeller that handles 25 mm solids.

Quality tested and approved for reliable and versatile water management across various applications.

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Unleash Premium Power with Our Heavy-Duty Submersible Electrical Dewatering Pump

Are you in the market for a water pump that delivers both powerful performance and durable function? Get the most out of water management with our innovative Heavy-Duty Submersible Electrical Dewatering Pump. Perfect for extensive commercial applications, this remarkable device can manage solid-laden water swiftly and efficiently. With superior quality construction and impressive performance indicators, it stands as an unparalleled choice for reliable water drainage operations.

  • Engineered for excellence, our pump features a solid cast iron body and a high-strength impeller, reinforced with a stainless steel rotating assembly. For easy maintenance, it also comes with a removable steel strainer.
  • This pump promises an impressive flow rate of 250 litres per minute at a 15-meter head, ensuring quick and efficient water management even under demanding circumstances.
  • The unit has a protective coat of corrosion-resistant epoxy paint, making it ultra-durable even in challenging environments. It is built to last, providing an unwavering solution for your dewatering needs over time.
  • This top-of-the-line pump showcases an open-type impeller design, enabling it to handle solid particles up to 25mm in size, making it ideal for heavy-efficiency tasks.
  • The pump comes with a powerful motor, fit for dry operation and constant usage, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.
  • Our dewatering pump is compatible with a 230V, 50Hz, Triple phase, AC power supply. It has a built-in overload protection feature and can handle ambient temperatures up to 50°C, safeguarded by thermal protection. It also includes 20 meters of electrical cable, giving you a wide range of application options.

Invest in our Heavy-Duty Submersible Electrical Dewatering Pump and guarantee an efficient and effective solution to your water management challenges. Empower your projects with this reliable investment for long-lasting water management success.

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