pT7Blue-2 T-Vector: High-Quality T-Vector for DNA Cloning | Novagen

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pT7Blue-2 T-Vector: High-Quality T-Vector for DNA Cloning | Novagen

  • Efficiently ligates PCR products in one step
  • Ideal for blue/white screening
  • Enables direct cloning of PCR products using Taq DNA polymerase
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The pT7Blue™-2 T-Vector from Novagen is a high-quality T-vector designed specifically for DNA cloning. With its unique features and efficient performance, this vector is an ideal tool for scientists working in the field of molecular biology and genetic engineering.

One of the key advantages of the pT7Blue™-2 T-Vector is its suitability for blue/white screening, a widely used technique for molecular biology. This screening method allows for easy identification of recombinant plasmids, enabling researchers to quickly select and isolate the desired clones. The pT7Blue™-2 T-Vector streamlines this process, making it more efficient and reliable.

The pT7Blue™-2 T-Vector offers the convenience of one-step ligation of PCR products. PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is a common method used to amplify specific DNA sequences, and the pT7Blue™-2 T-Vector simplifies the cloning of these PCR products by enabling direct ligation. This eliminates the need for additional steps in the cloning process, saving time and effort for researchers.

Moreover, the pT7Blue™-2 T-Vector is designed to be compatible with Taq DNA polymerase, one of the most widely used DNA polymerases in molecular biology. This compatibility allows researchers to directly clone PCR products amplified using Taq DNA polymerase, further enhancing the efficiency and ease of use of this vector.

In addition to its exceptional performance and user-friendly features, the pT7Blue™-2 T-Vector is manufactured using high-quality materials to ensure reliability and consistency. The vector is composed of a highly efficient T7 lac promoter-based expression vector backbone, which provides excellent expression capabilities for downstream applications.

The pT7Blue™-2 T-Vector is suitable for a wide range of molecular biology applications. Whether it's constructing recombinant plasmids, generating genomic libraries, or performing gene cloning, this vector provides the reliability and performance necessary for successful experiments.

Features and Benefits:

  • High-quality T-vector for DNA cloning
  • Ideal for blue/white screening
  • Efficiently ligates PCR products in one step
  • Allows direct cloning of PCR products with Taq DNA polymerase
  • Suitable for a wide range of molecular biology applications

To learn more about the pT7Blue™-2 T-Vector - Novagen, we recommend exploring related peer-reviewed papers and technical documents. These resources will provide detailed insights into the vector's capabilities and applications, enabling you to make informed decisions for your research. To access these resources and explore similar products, please visit 69080M.

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