PT11 Gas Control Panel: Premium Solution for Efficient Gas Control

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Experience precise gas management with the PT11 Series Terminal Gas Control Panel. A trusted instrument built for versatility and superior performance.

  • Durable Materials: Crafted with SS316L Brass nickel-plated regulator bodies and robust regulator seats made of PTFE, PCTFE, PEEK.
  • Enhanced Safety: Fully leak-tested enhancing safety and efficiency.
  • Wide Temperature Functionality: Operates smoothly within a broad temperature range (-40o F~ 165o F).
  • Readability & Installation: Features 2-inch gauges for easy reading and bracket mounts for straightforward installation.
  • Combined Flow & Pressure Control: Adjustable outlet pressure with high flow capacity.

An indispensable tool engineered for efficient gas control and designed for easy installation.

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PT11 Gas Control Panel: Unparalleled Solution for Accurate Gas Control

Introducing the PT11 Gas Control Panel, a premium-quality tool embodying the most recent advancements in gas control technology. This robust and versatile Terminal Gas Control Panel has opened up new boundaries in the gas control industry through its innovative and functional design.

Innovative Features and Benefits

  • Exceptional Structural Design: Offering unparalleled modularity and flexible installation options, it effortlessly integrates into any setting, meeting your gas control needs with finesse.
  • Superior Build Quality: Engineered with high-grade materials like SS316L Brass nickel-plated regulator body, PEEK, PTFE, PCTFE for the regulator seat, and SS316 for shut-off valves and tubing ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Advanced Operability: Capable of handling inlet pressure up to 500 psig, adaptable outlet pressures, and consistent performance across a wide range of temperatures (from -40o F to 165o F), it provides a control solution as dynamic as your requirements.
  • Enhanced Safety Measures: This leakproof, fire-safe gas control panel ensures efficient and secure operation, thus protecting your workspace and staff from potential hazards.

Reliable and Efficient Operation

With its proven track record of reliability and ease of use, the PT11 Gas Control Panel offers exceptional longevity and superlative performance. Moreover, it's optimal leak rate of 2x10^8 atm cc/sec He and excellent flow capacity (C V of 0.15) ensures precise control during operation. Its 2-inch gauge provides clear and accurate reading for maintaining exact measurements. The PT11, therefore, leads its category in versatility and precision.

Premier Performance

When you adopt the PT11 Gas Control Panel, you invest in quality and safety. Enjoy enhanced precision, improved occupational safety, and reduced operational errors that are often the cost of lesser alternatives. Experience the unmatched potential in gas control mechanisms with the PT11.

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