PSF-TEFI-HIS3 - Histidine Yeast Selection Plasmid | Molecular Cloning Tool

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  • PSF-TEFI-HIS3 – HISTIDINE YEAST SELECTION PLASMID: A versatile plasmid vector for molecular cloning
  • Histidine Yeast Selection: Enables efficient selection of histidine auxotrophic yeast strains
  • Snapfast Vector: Provides a fast and reliable cloning system
  • Expression Vector: Suitable for high-level expression of target genes
  • Molecular Cloning Vector: Ensures efficient cloning of genes
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The PSF-TEFI-HIS3 - HISTIDINE YEAST SELECTION PLASMID is a high-quality molecular cloning tool designed specifically for researchers in the field of genetic engineering. With its unique features and composition, this plasmid offers a reliable and versatile platform for advanced genetic research.

Key Features:

  • Histidine Yeast Selection Plasmid (snapfast vector): Enables efficient selection and integration of the HIS3 gene into yeast cells, providing a selectable marker for histidine prototrophy.
  • Cloning in a gene: OGS530 - Allows for easy cloning of gene OGS530, facilitating the study of its functions and mechanisms.
  • Cloning vector: Serves as an effective cloning vector, allowing researchers to insert and manipulate DNA fragments of interest.
  • Expression vector: Can also be used as an expression vector to drive the transcription and translation of cloned genes in yeast cells.
  • Molecular cloning vector: Optimized design and composition make it an excellent molecular cloning vector for a wide range of genetic engineering experiments.


  • Origin of replication: Enables efficient replication in yeast cells.
  • Selectable marker: HIS3 gene serves as a selectable marker, allowing for the identification and isolation of yeast cells that have successfully incorporated the plasmid.
  • Promoter: Contains a strong promoter for the driving expression of cloned genes in yeast cells.
  • Multiple cloning site (MCS): Provides a convenient location for the insertion of target DNA fragments into the plasmid. It contains a variety of restriction enzyme recognition sites, allowing for easy cloning experiments.


  • Molecular cloning: Serves as an efficient tool for the cloning of genes of interest, allowing researchers to isolate and manipulate DNA fragments with ease.
  • Gene expression studies: Can be used as an expression vector to study gene function and regulation in yeast cells. Enables the controlled overexpression or knockdown of specific genes.
  • Functional analysis: By cloning the OGS530 gene into the plasmid, researchers can investigate the specific functions and mechanisms of this gene.
  • Protein expression: Can be utilized for the production of recombinant proteins in yeast cells, enabling the characterization and purification of target proteins.

The PSF-TEFI-HIS3 - HISTIDINE YEAST SELECTION PLASMID is a powerful molecular cloning tool that provides researchers with the ability to clone and express genes of interest in yeast cells. With its unique features and composition, this plasmid vector offers a reliable platform for a wide range of genetic engineering applications.

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