44cm Plastic Protractor for Chalkboard: Boosting Mathematical Education

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44cm Plastic Protractor for Chalkboard – Accurate, Durable, and Learner-friendly

Enhance your lessons with this 44cm Plastic Protractor for Chalkboard, ideal for detailed geometry demonstrations.

  • Constructed from high-quality 4.5mm rigid plastic for exceptional robustness and longevity.
  • Features a comprehensive 180 by 1-degree scale within its substantial 440mm base, versatile for a variety of mathematical contexts.
  • Equipped with an easy-to-use detachable handle for comfort and convenience.

Optimized for educational environments using blackboards or other writable surfaces, simplifying complex geometry lessons and ensuring precise measurements.

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Range of 44cm Plastic Protractor for Chalkboard: A Solution for Enhancing Mathematics Education

Teaching mathematics is made efficient and engaging with the 44cm Plastic Protractor for Chalkboard. It is meticulously designed to last long and provide outstanding precision, making it a must-have teaching tool for any educator or institution. This reliable and learner-friendly tool accelerates understanding and visualizing angles, fostering an interactive classroom environment.

Enduring Quality

Made of high-strength 4.5mm rigid plastic, this protractor stands up to the rigors of regular classroom use. It keeps intact its shape and markings, ensuring you get a reliable teaching tool that goes for ages.

Outstanding Precision

It features an 180 x 1-degree span that delivers precise angular measurements, fostering a comprehensive understanding of angles among students. This tool's accurate divisions contribute to an engaging learning process.

Unmatched Ease-of-Use

With a base dimension of 440mm, this protractor gives a sturdy and clear plotting experience on chalkboards. It includes a removable handle for easy use, absolute comfort during elongated teaching sessions. It weighs only 0.278kg and has a volume of 0.957cdm, making it manageable to handle and store.

Well-Packaged and Comprehensive Set Inclusion

Each protractor comes securely packed in individual plastic bags for ultimate protection, ensuring they reach you in impeccable condition, ready for immediate use. It is also part of our useful Math Teaching Kit, the School in a Box 2016, and the School in a Carton 2016 kits, enhancing your teaching range.


To sum up, the 44cm Plastic Protractor for Chalkboard is a versatile tool that not only elevates the teaching and learning experience but also ensures accurate lessons on angles. With its durability, ease of use, and ultimate precision, this protractor is an inevitable addition to every educational environment.

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