High-Efficiency Oxygen Nasal Prongs for Neonates - Comfort and Efficient Oxygen Delivery

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High-Efficiency Oxygen Nasal Prongs for Neonates: Comfortable and Reliable Oxygen Delivery

  • Soft dual-prong nasal tips ensure even oxygen distribution.
  • Painless adjustment of smooth nasal tips for maximum comfort.
  • Star lumen primary tube prevents blockages, ensuring uninterrupted oxygen flow.
  • Customisable Over-the-Ear tubing for a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Easy-to-use connector with a soft, funnel-shaped design for quick and accurate oxygen source attachment.
  • Flexible oxygen tube is around 2 meters in length, facilitating ease of movement.
  • Resilient and soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC), kink-resistant for long-lasting usability.
  • Single use, unsterilized. Manufactured according to Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and ISO 13485:2003, with a CE marking.
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High-Efficiency Oxygen Nasal Prongs for Neonates: Comfortable and Reliable Oxygen Delivery

Our Oxygen Nasal Prong for Neonates offers a blend of comfort and performance that is unrivaled in the market. Designed specifically for the tender needs of newborns, this high-efficiency Oxygen Nasal Cannula provides optimal oxygen delivery without compromising on comfort.

Product Excellence

  • Featuring soft twin prongs nasal tips, our Oxygen Nasal Prong promotes balanced and efficient oxygen flow.
  • The nasal tips are custom-designed for maximum comfort, ensuring minimal irritation to the delicate neonatal nasal tissues.
  • The star lumen main tube is an innovative design enhancement that aids in preventing blockages.
  • Our Over-the-Ear tubing is adjustable, enabling a comfortable fit for all sizes.
  • With a soft funnel-shaped connector, connecting the cannula to an oxygen source is effortless and error-free.
  • The approximately 2-meter long oxygen tube provides abundant room for mobility, without constraining the patient's movement.
  • Built from flexible, kink-resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC), our Oxygen Nasal Prong is intended for long-term, durable use.
  • The product is designed for single-use to maintain hygiene and prevent any risks of infection transmission.

Specifications and Usage

Each Oxygen Nasal Prong is singularly packed and comes with a weight of about 0.091kg and volume of 0.53cdm, making it lightweight and convenient to use. For optimal performance, nostrils should be cleared of mucus before positioning the prongs inside. Secure them with tape and adjust the harness for comfort. The oxygen flow should ideally be set between 1-2 l/min, resulting in an oxygen concentration of 30-35%. Note that our product doesn't require humidification.

Safety and Standards

The product should be stored away from extreme temperature and humidity to ensure its longevity and efficacy. It is designated for single use only and can be safely disposed through incineration in a controlled environment. Our product aligns with the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, bears a CE mark and CE Certificate, and confirms to class IIa or higher standards. Furthermore, it complies with ISO 13485:2003 Medical device standards, ensuring the highest level of safety.

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