High-Performance Anodizing Production Line for Advanced Cast Aluminum Alloy Protection

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Introducing our High-Performance Anodizing Production Line tailored explicitly for Anodizing High Silicon High Copper Casted Aluminum Alloy. Key features include:

  • Film Thickness: Achievable up to 50um, ensuring comprehensive product treatment.
  • Hardness (Hv): Sports a robust hardness level of 400-500, offering efficient wear resistance.
  • Environment resistance: Resistant to UV radiation and salt spray etching, thereby prolonging the product’s life span.
  • Temperature range: Can function from 10-20°C, providing flexibility under diverse workforce conditions.
  • Methodology: Incorporates sulfuric and oxalic acid anodizing methods for wide applicability.
  • Automation: High degree of automation guarantees ease of operation and consistency of product quality.
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  • Procurenet Team Tshim Sha Tsui
    Hong Kong Hong Kong 3 years

Introducing the state-of-the-art High-Performance Anodizing Production Line for High Silicon High Copper Casted Aluminum Alloy, a leading-edge solution engineered to enhance the physical properties and aesthetics of your cast aluminum products. This cutting-edge technology guarantees high-standard output and consistency in quality, considering key industry standards up until September 2021.

  • Features adaptable technology parameters that accomplish outstanding anodizing film thickness ranging from 30um to 50um, offering superior durability.
  • Precise adjustment of processing parameters frames a hardness (Hv) rating of 400-500 for the anodized film layer, significantly augmenting resistance to wear and tear.
  • Anodizing temperatures vary between 10-20 degrees Celcius, optimizing product durability under diverse environmental conditions.
  • Generates a hardened oxidized film that provides unmatched wear resistance against external harsh conditions.
  • Not only resists wear and tear but also guards against salt spray etching and UV radiation, extending the product's lifespan regardless of environmental and usage conditions.
  • Application of subsequent post-treatment enhances the wear resistance further, significantly reduces friction coefficient, and elongates the service life of the anodized layer.
  • Uniquely incorporates both sulfuric acid and oxalic acid anodizing methods, promoting product applicability and ensuring stable oxidation.
  • Integrated with high-level automation, this anodizing production line is user-friendly and delivers consistent quality.
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