High-Performance Process Thermostat SUNDI-2A25W - Ultimate Industrial Temperature Control

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The High-Performance Process Thermostat SUNDI-2A25W brings industrial control right at your fingertips. This process thermostat, powered by 25kW heating power, manages a temperature range of -25°C to 200°C. It houses an efficient Copeland Compressor and KAORI Plate heat exchanger as its evaporator. Its command center is a Feed Forward PID + Dynamic Control Calculation, PLC controller that communicates through a MODBUS RTU Protocol, RS 485 Interface. The coolant used is R-404A. Added features include optional Ethernet interface for configuring computer software and ramping up the temperature to 300°C. The model ensures you have precision and control over your process thermostat application.

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Unleash the power of superior temperature control in your industrial processes with the High-Performance Process Thermostat SUNDI-2A25W. Known for its unrivaled reliability, accuracy, and efficiency, this model is an essential asset to various industries worldwide.

Designed and produced in a cutting-edge facility in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China, the SUNDI-2A25W boasts impressive adaptability and performance capabilities.

  • Global Acclaim: The SUNDI-2A25W has made its mark from North America to Africa, emphasizing its adaptability to diverse climates and usability.
  • Impressive Production Capacity: Our modern production facilities enable us to build 10 units monthly, making it easy to accommodate both large and small orders.
  • Fully Customizable: In addition to our standard offerings, we provide Contract Manufacturing and Research (CRO), emphasizing our flexibility and dedication to meet unique client requirements.
  • Safe Packaging & Efficient Delivery: We assure the pristine condition of our thermostats through sturdy packaging in wooden cases. Our logistic efficiency warrants a delivery lead time of 25 days, helping your operations run smoothly.

Experience enhanced performance, perfect temperature control, and impressive longevity with the SUNDI-2A25W thermostat. Its dedication to technological superiority and customer satisfaction makes it a valuable addition to your industrial operations. Enjoy improved process reliability and efficiency today with SUNDI-2A25W Thermostat.

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