High Precision Double-Ended Probe for Surgical Wounds | 145mm Length | Superior Surgical Instrument

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High Precision Double-Ended Probe for Surgical Wounds | 145mm Length

The High Precision Double-Ended Surgical Wound Probe is a crucial tool enhancing the safety and functionality across numerous surgical procedures. Key characteristics include:

  • Its distinct double-ended bulbous design intensifies its multi-functional role in a diverse set of medical applications.
  • Brandishes a diameter of 2mm, striking an excellent harmony between robustness and flexibility.
  • Encased in a standard, practical length of 145mm, catering to widespread procedural needs.

The probe, devoid of any chemical compounds, is engineered for intensive utilization while ensuring patient safety and comfort.

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Introducing the High Precision Double-Ended Probe for Surgical Wounds with a 145mm length. Our product is the epitome of precision and reliability and is a go-to instrument for surgical wound exploration and fistula course determination. Manufactured bearing the intricate surgical needs in mind, the probe promises top-grade performance due to its meticulously engineered design and high-quality material selection.

Explore the key features:

  • Optimal precision: The probe has a diameter of 2mm offering unmatched precision, guaranteeing accurate measurements and exploration.
  • Bulbous shape: The double-ended probe has a bulbous shape at both ends, providing a versatile solution to suit varying surgical needs.
  • Superior reach: With an approximate length of 145mm, the surgical probe ensures superior reach, allowing effective exploration and treatment of deeply positioned wounds.
  • High-quality austenitic steel: The probe is made from top-grade austenitic steel, renowned for its non-quenching and non-magnetic properties which are indispensable for surgical tools.
  • Corrosion resistance: The steel composition of our probe, 16 - 18% chromium and 10 - 14% nickel; 2 - 3% molybdenum, ensures high corrosion resistance, fostering a long lifespan.

Our Double-Ended Probe for Surgical Wounds forms an integral part of our basic surgery and suture surgery sets, bringing you an extensive range of high-quality instruments at your fingertips.

The probe comes with clearly marked primary and secondary packaging that include valuable information about handling, storage, and basic product information. Weighing around 0.010kg with a volume of about 0.001cdm, the probe can be easily sterilized in a steam sterilizer and should be cleaned and disinfected after each use to maintain optimal hygiene standards.

Step up your surgical armamentarium with our sleek, reliable, and excellently crafted High Precision Double-Ended Probe for Surgical Wounds and experience superior clinical outcomes.

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