PreservCyt Solution for Xpert HPV Assay: Precision and Reliability in Specimen Collection

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PreservCyt Solution for Xpert HPV Assay – 20ml, Pack of 250

This high-grade PreservCyt Solution, specially formulated for specimen preservation, ensures reliable and accurate cell sample results. Perfectly suited for Xpert HPV assays, it facilitates optimal cervical cell sample integrity. Each pack contains 250 vials, all compliant with GXHPV-CE-10 (Cepheid). Temperatures for storage range from 15-30°C while transportation should be maintained at 2-30°C. The MSDS is provided. Product Code: 70098-002.

  • Guarantees superior specimen preservation
  • Specially designed for Xpert HPV assays
  • Delivers reliable and accurate testing results
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The PreservCyt Solution for Xpert HPV Assay provides an unrivaled level of precision and reliability in the realm of specimen collection. It is meticulously designed for your needs, offering optimised compatibility with Xpert HPV Assay/10 - GXHPV-CE-10 (Cepheid), and guaranteeing accurate results with every use.

With our PreservCyt Solution, the integrity of cervical cell samples is uncompromised from the point of collection until it’s time for analysis. This is testament to our commitment towards ensuring you get accurate and reliable outcomes. This product's high capacity offering of 250 vials in a single pack is perfect for multiple procedures.

  • Each vial in the pack can hold a volume of 20ml. - Product Code: 70098-002
  • PreservCyt Solution is best stored within a temperature range of 15 - 30°C. This product allows for the transportation of cervical specimens at conditions between 2-30 °C, making it compliant with all forms of transport rules for etiologic agents.
  • With the included Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), safe handling and usage of this product are guaranteed.

Invest in our PreservCyt Solution today and streamline your specimen collection and preservation processes. It is a reliable partner that ensures uncompromised specimen integrity, thus providing you with a hassle-free and efficient experience.

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