Precise Temperature Machine | Unparalleled Accuracy & Efficiency in Advanced Temperature Control

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Discover superior temperature regulation with the Precise Temperature Machine. It caters to a wide temperature range (-70℃ to 250℃), leveraging PID dynamic control and a PLC controller for optimum accuracy. Its characteristics include:

  • Temperature Control: Broad range from -70℃ to 250℃
  • PID Controller: Ensures high-precision temperature regulation
  • Display: 7-inch color touch screen for easy interface
  • Safety Features: Comprehensive set including overload relay and thermal protection
  • Eco-Conscious Design: Employs a closed circulation system to avoid oil mist and water vapor generation
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Experience unprecedented precision with our high-tech 'Precise Temperature Machine - Advanced Temperature Control Solution'. This machine has been deftly engineered for matchless precision and optimum efficiency, making it a powerful tool for numerous industrial applications.

Featuring a broad temperature range of -70u00b0C to 250u00b0C, our product's adaptability extends across various domains. It is incorporated with a leading-edge feed-forward PID dynamic control calculation and a proactive PLC controller. This product ensures prompt and dependable temperature regulation, making it a reliable solution for your industry.

This machine offers flexible operational modes, including process temperature control and auxiliary temperature control via jacket oil. What sets it apart is its distinctive feature to preset or manage the temperature difference between jacket oil and raw material processes, giving users multifaceted control.

The machine boasts a 7-inch color touch screen controller, augmenting user interaction and practicality. The enhanced screen displays temperature curve recordings and simplifies data exports in standard formats like Excel. These benefits streamline process tracking and make data analysis effortless.

The machine is lauded for its temperature control precision and a multitude of safety features. These include an inbuilt self-diagnostic function to boost reliability, multi-layered safeguards against overload, a high-pressure switch and a thermal protection device. In addition, there are precautions against low liquid levels, high temperature possibilities, and temperature errors for enhanced user safety.

Our Precise Temperature Machine is also ecologically-sensitive. Operating within a closed circulation, it limits the release of oil mist at high temperatures and water vapor at low temperatures. This eco-friendly measure sets our product apart in an era where environmental consciousness is paramount.

  • Temperature Range: -70u00b0C ~ 250u00b0C
  • Control Mode: Feed forward PID dynamic control with PLC Controller
  • Temperature Control: Choice between process temperature control and jacket oil temperature control
  • Temperature Difference Control: Feature to set/control temperature difference between jacket oil and process
  • Display: 7-inch color touch screen controller that displays temperature curve record and facilitates data export in Excel format
  • Safety Functions: Features such as self-diagnostic accuracy enhancer, overload protection, high-pressure switch, thermal protection, low liquid level safeguards, high temperature, and fault protection
  • Environmental Award: Closed circulation system to reduce emission of oil mist & water vapor
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