ThurayaIP Portable Satellite Terminal - Unmatched Global Connectivity

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Stay connected anywhere, anytime with the ThurayaIP Portable Satellite Terminal. This compact device provides reliable connectivity on-the-go with impressive data transmission rates up to 444/444 kbps for background IP and 384 kbps for streaming. Key features include

  • Ethernet, USB, and WLAN 802.11b interfaces for seamless connectivity
  • IP-55 ingress protection to endure environmental conditions
  • A built-in 36-hour standby battery
  • 1-hour continuous high-data-rate transmission

. The package includes essentials like a Li-Ion battery, SIM card, cables, adapter, car charger, and a CD-ROM with manuals, software, drivers. Basic training is required before using this product.

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ThurayaIP Portable Satellite Terminal: Unparalleled Connectivity Anywhere, Anytime

Offering you unrivaled connectivity in the palm of your hands, the ThurayaIP Portable Satellite Terminal is an indispensable companion for remote missions and life-saving operations. This pocket powerhouse is set to redefine how you connect with the world.

Features and Specifications

  • As a portable connectivity solution, ThurayaIP exceptionally fits both hand-carry operations and small office set-ups.
  • Despite its compact size and lightweight design, ThurayaIP boasts impressive data transmission rates, excelling in both background IP and streaming applications.
  • Benefiting even the amateur users, ThurayaIP has an intuitive interface that allows for quick setup and straightforward operation.
  • With multiple interfaces including Ethernet, USB, and WLAN 802.11b, ThurayaIP ensures comprehensive connectivity.
  • The unmatched durability of ThurayaIP is marked by its excellent IP-55 ingress protection rating, offering resilience even against the toughest weather conditions.
  • ThurayaIP is equipped with a high-capacity Li-ion battery, offering 36 hours of standby life and 1-hour of continuous high-rate transmission, ensuring you never run out of communication pathways when you need them the most.

Included in Your Purchase

Alongside the ThurayaIP portable terminal, you will receive a host of accessories including:

  • High-capacity Li-Ion battery
  • Pre-activated SIM card
  • Ethernet and USB data cables
  • AC/DC PSU featuring a universal adapter
  • Useful car charger
  • A CD-ROM containing comprehensive user manuals, necessary software, and drivers

Usage and Regulation

This portable satellite terminal is ideally suited to operations that require reliable mobile satellite IP connectivity. ThurayaIP is a crucial tool in emergency situations where seamless communication can be a determining factor. Be informed about the airtime rates and monthly charges which will be dependent on your chosen plan. A SIM card activation is mandatory for operating this device. Please, note that the usage of satellite equipment might necessitate licensing in certain countries. Do conform with local regulations for compliance.

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