Accurate, Durable, and Versatile - Portable Baby/Child Length-Height Measuring Board for Professionals and Parents

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Portable Baby/Child Length-Height Measuring Board

An accurate, durable, and versatile tool specifically designed for easy measurement of babies and children’s height. The board is portable, constructed with solid wood for heavy-duty usage, and offers a precision of ±0.2 cm within a range of 0-120 cm.

  • Durable Wood Construction: Withstands heat, humidity, and shock, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Portable Design: Comes with a folding mechanism and shoulder straps for ease in transportation.
  • User-friendly Assembly: Simple setup without the need for any additional tools.
  • Reliable Warranty: 2-year policy included for customer assurance.
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The Portable Baby/Child Length-Height Measuring Board is a peak of precision, innovation, and convenience, specifically designed for infants and children aged up to 24 months and even beyond. Perfect for at-home caretakers, medical professionals, and dedicated parents, its unique blend of precision, resilience, and user-friendly design makes it the ultimate children's height measurement solution.

This comprehensive device ensures precise measurements by transitioning seamlessly from a reclining length measuring for babies to a standing height volume for children aged two and above. Its unique metal measurement scale, capable of ranging up to 120 cm with ±0.2 cm precision, guarantees reliable and accurate results every time.

The focus on durability and robustness shines through its high-quality wooden manufacturing, making it a resilient and lasting product. Moreover, the portable folding mechanism offers simplicity in storage and ease in transport, perfect for space-savvy environments. A compact, lightweight companion ensuring fool-proof measurements on the go.

The device is user-friendly, with the inclusion of an easily understandable manual in English, French, and Spanish. Its setup is tool-free, promising a hassle-free experience. Safety is a prime feature of this measuring board, with a smoothly operating measuring slide eliminating potential risks for the babies and toddlers.

The board boasts a sturdy design, resistant to various environmental factors such as humidity, temperature fluctuations, or shock, promising optimum functionality in even the most challenging circumstances.

Bonus enhancements such as adjustable shoulder straps for easy transport and a troubleshooting guide for users' convenience are also part of the package. Furthermore, a two-year warranty fortifies its value proposition, ensuring long-term satisfaction.

The device weighs 13.7kg for two boards and has a volume of 0.1m³, adding to its compact and weight-efficient design. For those who need more, we also offer customized solutions including scales for mother-child and infants, weighing slings and trousers, and a fully portable measuring system for babies, children, and adults.

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