Portable Water Quality Test Kit: Accurate, On-the-Go Microbiological Testing

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The Portable Water Quality Test Kit provides a critical solution for swift and effective water microbiological analysis on-the-go. Its standout features include:

  • Adaptable Single Portable Incubator: Allows for the precise detection of Total or Faecal Coliform.
  • Comprehensive Filtration Set: Includes consumables for 300 trials, making it ideal for extensive field application.
  • Versatile Power Choices: Useable with a rechargeable battery, 110/220V mains, or 12V DC power, ensuring dependability in remote areas.
  • Robust Packaging: Enclosed in a sturdy, portable, and lockable case, crafted for enduring fieldwork.
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Portable Water Quality Test Kit: For Reliable, Efficient Microbiological Testing Anywhere, Anytime

Broaden your field's microbiological testing capabilities with our high-quality, durable, and versatile Portable Water Quality Test Kit. Created to deliver precision and consistency, it fits both field and lab environments perfectly, serving your expansive testing requirements with accuracy and meticulousness.

Distinguishing Features:

  • Robust Construction: Made to endure demanding field testing, the kit boasts a tremendous lifespan. Enjoy reliable and unwavering service in various conditions.
  • Adjustable Temperature Incubator: Detects total and faecal coliform accurately with an adjustable-temperature feature for precise results.
  • All-Inclusive Filtration Kit: Ensures effective microorganism separation from water samples, assuring you of precise testing results.
  • Aluminium Petri Dishes: Easy-to-use, reusable and provides consistent results for your microbiological tests.
  • User-Centric Tools: A pipette dispenser, tweezers, and plastic bottles are included in the kit for convenient testing, affording efficient outcomes.
  • Laden With Supplies: Comes with supplies for up to 300 tests, lowering the frequency of re-orders.
  • Waterproof Protective Casing: Created for travel, its waterproof and sturdy casing safeguards all components, ensuring their longevity.


Before using the Portable Water Quality Test Kit, you will need:

  • An autoclave or portable sterilizer
  • Methanol and distilled water
  • A measuring cylinder or beaker

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