Basic Bacteriological Field Test Kit 1: Swift, Portable, & Reliable Water Quality Testing

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Enhanced Bacteriological Field Test Kit 1: Swift and Comprehensive Water Quality Testing Solution

  • Efficient and Lightweight: Specifically designed for immediate on-site water quality assessments with ease.
  • Accurate and Rapid Analysis: Utilizes DPD/pH tablets and ample consumables, allowing for 200-250 thorough tests.
  • Advanced Features: Comes with a Single Incubator, Pool Tester, and Conductivity meter for a comprehensive range of evaluations.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for routine monitoring, emergency situations, and all regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Technological Sophistication: LCD display shows detailed results including temperatures, low battery indications, and faecal coliforms analysis via a single compartment incubator.
  • Durable & Secure: The kit is housed in a durable, lockable, waterproof case ideal for field use.
  • Usage Constraints: To maintain accuracy, ensure testing is carried out by trained personnel immediately on sample collection at the appropriate temperature.
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Unparalleled Water Quality Testing with the Basic Bacteriological Field Test Kit 1

The Basic Bacteriological Field Test Kit 1 encompasses all your water quality testing needs effortlessly and efficiently. It is a comprehensive solution which allows for quick and methodical assessments, catering to the requirement of producing immediate results especially in emergency situations.

Exceptional Functionality and Ease-of-Use

  • A user-friendly, light-weight kit designed for swift and precise water quality assessments.
  • Furnished with an incubator, pool tester, and conductivity meter, ensuring a broad varieties of tests can be executed.
  • Accommodating from 16 to 25 slim-fit Aluminum Petri dishes, it guarantees optimized volume analysis.
  • Constructed to conduct between 200-250 tests, notable for its ability to check microbiological contamination.
  • Especially devised for situations demanding immediate results.

Innovative Technical Specifications

  • Equipped with an incubator for Faecal Coliforms analysis at a temperature of 44°C (± 0.5°C).
  • Features an LCD display for delivering temperature measurement and alerts on low battery.
  • Operational through 110/220 V mains, a rechargeable battery, or 12 V DC supply for flexible power source options.
  • A detailed filtration unit with a 0.45 μm pore-size for meticulous test results.

Key Information for Users

Packaged in a sturdy, sealed, and water-resistant carrying case, the kit comes with detailed operating instructions and water quality report sheets. Please note, this kit is intended for the use of trained staff and needs dedicated operating space. However, this kit does not test for heavy metals or organic pollutants.

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