Porkka WIF 20m3 - Advanced Walk-in Freezer for Vaccine Storage

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Porkka WIF 20m3 – An unparalleled solution for vaccine storage needs. This premium split-type walk-in freezer room offers -20u00b0C constant temperature, perfect for sensitive drugs and vaccines. Key features include:

  • Dimensions: Exterior – L=3100mm x W=3850mm x H=2400mm. Interior – L=2800mm x W=3550mm x H=2100mm.
  • Safety: Complies with IEC 60335-1 electrical safety standards. Equipped with integrated alarm system for immediate notifications.
  • Efficiency: CFC-free refrigerant, equipped with run-hour meters and smart defrost.
  • Durability: Robust modular shell ensuring fire-retardant and well-insulated housing.
  • Warranty: Comes with a 2-year warranty.
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Porkka WIF 20m3 - Overarching Solution to Vaccine Storage Efforts

Storing vaccines requires precise temperature regulation and conditioned structure, which is ably delivered by the Porkka WIF 20m3 split-type walk-in freezer room. Customized to promote efficiency and easy categorization, this monoblock constructed model is prefabricated and epitomizes the blend of design innovation and practical utility, all aimed at versatile vaccine storage. With an impressive 20m3 capacity, the freezer room maintains optimal storage conditions using in-built features and efficient functioning systems.

Product Specifications:

  • Large 20m3 storage space for comprehensive storage. External dimensions are L=3100 x W=3850 x H=2400 mm and internal dimensions are L=2800 x W=3550 x H=2100 mm.

  • Dual-refrigeration system operating between 2°C to 8°C, even at unfavorable exterior temperature conditions of up to 43°C.

  • Environmental sustainability achieved through the deployment of CFC-free R404a refrigerant gas that also showcases superior cooling attributes.

  • Robust structure supported by Wisa Hexa floor panel along with high-quality metal-faced insulating materials provide undeterred resistance to external influences, enhancing lifespan.

  • In-built thermostat that ensures a consistent internal temperature of -20°C, ideal for vaccine storage.

  • Alert system integrated for signaling during power failure or temperature variations, enabling safe and secure vaccine storage.

Inclusions & Warranty:

Adequate spare parts for two years of operations are an integral part of the package. This includes essential parts such as fan motors, pressure switches, filter driers, etc. A two-year warranty covering failures attributed to design, material, or workmanship faults is also provided.

Shipping Information:

The freezer room unit with a weight of 1770Kg and volume of 15m3 is securely shipped in wooden packaging. It satisfies WHO PQS E001/CR-FR01.4 and Product Verification Protocols, ensuring its reliability and quality competence.

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