Porkka WIF Mono Block 20m3 - Superior Vaccine Storage Solution

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Product: The Porkka WIF Mono Block 20m3 is a premium vaccine storage solution engineered for superior performance and reliability.

  • Dimensions: Outer – L=3100 x W=3850 x H=2400 mm, Inner – L=2800 x W=3550 x H=2100 mm.
  • Power: Works with 400V/3/50Hz mains supply and includes a dual refrigeration unit.
  • Temperature Control: Integrated thermostat accurate to u00b1 0.5u00b0C, calibrated to ITS-90.
  • Insulation: Fitted with metal-faced insulating panels, fully CFC-free.
  • Refrigeration Unit: Uses environmentally friendly, CFC-free refrigerant gas R404a.
  • Safety: Adheres to the IEC 60335-1 standard for electrical safety.

Its prefab design assures peak efficiency and effortless installation.

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Porkka WIF Mono Block 20m3 - Revolutionizing Vaccine Storage

Witness a breakthrough in healthcare technology, the state-of-the-art Porkka WIF Mono Block 20m3. Meticulously designed to meet the rising global demand for efficient vaccine storage, it boasts advanced temperature regulation, robust build, and substantial capacity. Catering to national and international healthcare facilities, it represents the high end of vaccine preservation technology.

  • Optimized Space Usage: Showcasing external dimensions of L=3100 x W=3850 x H=2400 mm and internal dimensions of L=2800 x W=3550 x H=2100 mm, it strikes a perfect balance between spacious vaccine storage and navigational ease.
  • Reliable Dual Refrigeration: Operating on a 400V/3/50Hz mains supply, its dual refrigeration unit promises unwavering cooling consistency, ensuring the vaccines stay cool and effective.
  • Exacting Temperature Management: Implementing an ITS-90 calibrated Thermostat, it ensures precision up to ± 0.5°C, thereby creating optimal conditions for preserving vaccine efficacy.
  • Top-grade Insulation: Constructed with environment-friendly, CFC-free metal-faced insulation panels topped with 280GD Z steel faces, it offers peerless insulation and strength, significantly reducing spoilage due to temperature fluctuations.
  • Green Refrigeration: Uses CFC-free refrigerant gas R404a, striking a balance between superior cooling performance and environmental responsibility.
  • Ensured Safety: Stays compliant with IEC 60335-1 for all its electrical components, fortifying operational safety and dependability.

The prefabricated structure of the Porkka WIF Mono Block 20m3 makes it user-friendly, enabling simple installation and quick operationalization. A testimony to its exceptional insulation and durability, this freezer room offers quintessential conditions for vaccine storage. Offering remarkable performance and reliability, the Porkka WIF Mono Block 20m3 is committed to building a healthy and secure global community.

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