Porkka WIC Split Type 40m3: Advanced Vaccine Storage Solution

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The Porkka WIC Split Type 40m3 provides superior refrigeration, ideal for storing vaccines and temperature-sensitive materials. Key features:

  • High Capacity: Spacious 40m3 interior allows for accommodating large amounts of materials.
  • Energy Efficient: Uses green, CFC-free refrigerant gas ensuring lower operational costs.
  • Trusted Temperature Control: Employs dual refrigeration for stable and reliable temperature management.
  • Safety Measures: Equipped with alarm system, battery backup, and a 2-year warranty for extra protection.
  • Visibility: Features energy-efficient LED lights for easy navigation and location of stored items.

Complies with the strict IEC 60335-1 electrical standard. Please refer to the provided Safety Data Sheet for further safety information.

Quantity :

Maximize Vaccine Storage Efficiency with the Porkka WIC Split Type 40m3

The Porkka WIC Split Type 40m3 is a state-of-the-art, prefabricated, walk-in cold room exclusively designed for the optimum storage of vaccines. Its voluminous interiors, with dimensions of 3550 x 5500 x 2100 mm, cater to diverse storage needs while maintaining the highest standards of vaccine preservation.

Unrivalled Capabilities:

  • Operates on a dual refrigeration system powered by a 400V/3/50 Hz main supply, ensuring stable functionality and temperature regulation.
  • Double insulation panels with 280GD Z steel faces for high-performance insulation, totally CFC-free.
  • Maintains a consistent temperature range of 2°C - 8°C even in extreme ambient temperatures as high as 43°C.
  • An environment-conscientious choice with the use of Refrigerant Gas R404a, promoting ecological sustainability.
  • Temperature regulation controlled by a thermostat calibrated to ITS-90, guaranteeing temperature accuracy within ± 0.5°C.
  • Built-in low-energy LED luminaires provide energy-efficient, bright illumination.
  • An automatic rechargeable alarm system ensures the safety and integrity of your vaccine storage.
  • Complete compliance with IEC 60335-1 standards for all electrical components, exhibiting the highest conformity to electrical safety regulations.

Shipping and Warranty:

The Porkka WIC Split Type 40m3 comes with a comprehensive 24-month warranty against component failure arising from design flaws, workmanship, or materials. With a shipping weight of 2436 Kg and a volume of 19.1 m3, we ensure safe and prompt delivery of your cold room.

Safety Information:

Comes with a detailed MSDS including:

  • UN Code: UN3337
  • Hazard Class: 2.2
  • Packing instructions: P200, Instruction: T50
  • Documented shipping name: Refrigerant Gas R-404A

Fully-detailed assembly, operation instructions, technical diagrams, and maintenance and repair manuals are available for download in English, French, and Spanish upon request.

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