Porkka WIC Mono Block 40m3: Superior Vaccine Storage Solution

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Porkka WIC Mono Block 40m3: Premium Vaccine Cold Storage

The Porkka WIC Mono Block 40m3 expands storage capabilities while preserving vaccine quality. Operating optimally up to 43uC, the room temperature is held within 2-8uC, thanks to a robust dual refrigeration system.

  • Advanced Dual Refrigeration System: Guarantees backup capacity and automatic duty balancing, promoting stability.
  • Eco-Friendly CFC-Free R404a Refrigerant Gas: An efficient and environmentally responsible cooling mechanism.
  • Superior Surveillance System: Features an alarm system alongside a gas pressure thermometer for real-time monitoring.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Built-in LED lighting enhances clarity and accessibility.
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Preserve with Confidence: Porkka WIC Mono Block 40m3

Worldwide, medical professionals trust the Porkka WIC Mono Block 40m3 to safely and efficiently store vaccines. This pioneering, walk-in, modular cold room marries robust construction with cutting-edge refrigeration technology. Its design firmly prioritizes the preservation and potent maintenance of vaccines, making it the ultimate storage solution.

Leading-Edge Features Ensure Superior Results

  • The WIC Mono Block 40m3's large external dimensions (L=3750mm x W=5700mm x H=2300mm) allow for ample internal storage (L=3550mm x W=5500mm x H=2100mm).
  • It boasts a twin refrigeration system complete with 100% backup capability, delivering reliable, constant operation.
  • Performance remains exceptional even in extreme conditions, maintaining an operational range of 2°C - 8°C in a maximum ambient environment of 43°C.
  • A self-activating fuse and voltage relay monitoring elevate safety precaution.
  • The environmentally-aware design features CFC-free insulating panels made from 280GD Z steel for superb durability.
  • The incorporation of R404a refrigerant gas ensures excellent performance and automated duty sharing with run-hour meters.
  • A thermostat, calibrated to the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90), enables precise temperature regulation within an accuracy of ±0.5°C.
  • Energy consumption is minimal, facilitated by low-energy LED lighting which maintains a minimum illumination of 150 lux.
  • An adaptable alarm system ensures safety and operates on mains, complete with a battery backup.
  • A gas pressure thermometer provides accurate temperature readouts.
  • The WIC Mono Block 40m3 comes with a 2-year warranty and essential spare parts for your convenience.

Invest in the Porkka WIC Mono Block 40m3 and protect the integrity of your vaccines effectively. Ensure unparalleled safety, reliability, and efficient operation with this optimal vaccine storage solution. Order your unit today and take the first step in safeguarding global health.

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