Porkka WIC Mono Block 10m3: Cutting-Edge Vaccine Cold Storage Solution

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Porkka WIC Mono Block 10m3: Eco-friendly and Advanced Walk-in Cold Room for Vaccine Storage
  • Advanced walk-in cold room specially constructed for vaccine storage.
  • Offers a substantial space with external dimensions 2100 x 2700 x 2300 mm and internal dimensions 1900 x 2500 x 2100 mm.
  • Features a dual refrigeration system, operating between 2°C to 8°C, ideal for vaccine preservation.
  • Eco-conscious design employing CFC-free refrigerant gas.
  • Guarantees optimal storage conditions through superior design and accurate temperature controls.
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Porkka WIC Mono Block 10m3: Optimized for Exceptional Vaccine Storage

The Porkka WIC Mono Block 10m3 represents a breakthrough in cold storage technology, explicitly designed for the safe and efficient storage of vaccines. This innovative solution ensures vaccines retain their full potency under a broad range of environmental conditions.

Superior Design and Technology

The Porkka WIC Mono Block 10m3 balances simplicity and dependability. Designed for easy setup, this walk-in model offers a holistic cold storage solution with unparalleled features:

  • External Dimensions: 2100 x 2700 x 2300mm; Internal Dimensions: 1900 x 2500 x 2100mm
  • Seamless temperature regulation from 2u00b0C - 8u00b0C, ensuring optimal vaccine potency
  • Highly reliable dual refrigeration units; no-risk of downtime
  • Eco-friendly with 100% CFC-free R404a refrigerant
  • Energy-efficient, thanks to 100mm insulation thickness providing a low U-value of 0.23 W/mu00b2K
  • Durable birch plywood flooring coated with phenol laminate for long-lasting use
  • Built-in alarm systems for immediate alert of temperature deviations or power outages
  • Strong adjustable shelves capable of supporting 200 kg/sqm load
  • Two-year warranty coverage on component failure

Enhanced Environmental Compatibility

The Porkka WIC Mono Block 10m3 showcases a remarkable ability to withstand a wide temperature range of -30u00b0C to 70u00b0C, offering flexibility in transport and storage without compromising vaccine safety. With operational efficiency in humidity levels from 5% to 95% RH, this unit proves its versatility in virtually any environment.

All Porkka products come with a complete manual in English, French, and Spanish, ensuring thorough understanding of the assembly, operational procedures, and preventive maintenance.

With the Porkka WIC Mono Block 10m3, you are investing in a product that guarantees safety, efficiency, and longevity in vaccine storage.

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