Porkka WIC/F Combi Split Type 40m3: Premium Temperature-Controlled Storage for Vaccines & Biological Products

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The Porkka WIC/F Combi Split Type 40m3 is an innovative temperature-controlled storage system, ideally suited for vaccines and biological products. Key features include:

  • Abundant Storage: Designed to house a wide range of vaccines.
  • Efficient Space Use: Promotes systematic vaccine arrangement.
  • Precise Temperature Control: Thermostat offers accuracy for ideal preservation.
  • Eco-Conscious Construction: Built with CFC-free materials for lower environmental footprint.
  • Enhanced Safety: Comes with LED lighting, alarm, and temperature monitoring system.
  • Comprehensive Support: Bilingual manuals and a 2-year warranty for user convenience.

This top-tier storage solution offers high efficacy and security for vaccine handling, making it a wise choice for healthcare providers.

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Porkka WIC/F Combi Split Type 40m3: The Future of Temperature-Controlled Storage for Vaccines and Biological Products

Say hello to the new era of vaccine and biological product storage with the advanced Porkka WIC/F Combi Split Type 40m3. A symbol of exquisite craftsmanship blended with the latest technology, this temperature-controlled storage system boasts convenience and high-performance.

Product Features:

  • Combi function of a Cold Room and Freezer Room designed to deliver ultimate storage facility
  • Expertly designed internal measurements ensuring maximum utilization of space
  • Effortless installation with user-friendly mechanical and electrical fittings
  • Robust 400V/3/50Hz main supply and dual refrigeration unit guaranteeing unmatched performance
  • Accurate temperature control with the Cold Room operating between a stable 2u00b0C - 8u00b0C, and the Freezer Room at a freezing -20u00b0C
  • Environmental responsibility ensured by using CFC-free R404a refrigerant gas in the refrigeration units
  • Eco-friendly LED lighting enhancing visibility
  • Security prioritized with an integrated, automatically rechargeable alarm system equipped with battery backup
  • Reliable temperature monitoring with advanced gas pressure thermometer
  • Comprehensive 2-year warranty providing peace of mind and assured quality

Stay confident in any external conditions, maintain the ideal temperature balance with the Porkka WIC/F Combi Split Type 40m3. This product is designed to accommodate different locations, including warehouses and comes with multilanguage support (English, French, Spanish) in its documentation. Ensure the integrity and extend the lifespan of your essential vaccines and biological products with this premium storage solution.

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