Durable Outdoor Play Parachute - Enjoy Ultimate Group Play Thrill

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Durable Outdoor Play Parachute – 3.65m with Convenient Carrying Bag

Discover enriching outdoor play with our Durable Outdoor Play Parachute. Dimensioned at 3.65m, it’s an ideal play accommodator for up to 6 children. It not only promotes teamwork but also encourages coordination.

  • Sturdy nylon construction ensures lasting play
  • 12 handles ensure user-friendly grip and coordination
  • Comes with a convenient carrying bag, aiding trouble-free transportation
  • Secure storage guaranteed with drawstring closure

Perfect for schools, birthday parties, and various outdoor events. Each unit is pack-protected for safe shipping.

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Durable Outdoor Play Parachute - 3.65m with Convenient Carrying Bag

Experience the ultimate group play thrill with our robust and colorful Outdoor Play Parachute. Perfectly designed with a diameter of 3.65 meters, this parachute promises untold fun, forging team spirit, boosting cooperative play, and enhancing physical activity. This wonderful piece of play equipment comfortably handles up to 6 children hand in hand, thereby cultivating motor skills development with dynamic movements.

Sturdy Quality Material

Built to last, our Play Parachute is created from hard-wearing nylon that ensures sturdiness and resilience, meeting the challenge of any rough-and-tumble outdoor play. Enjoy the enchanting color vibrancy that will brighten any fun-filled day and withstand the test of time.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Enjoy superior convenience with our Play Parachute, which comes with 12 ergonomically designed handles that offer a robust grip for all players, thereby fostering improved coordination. Cleanup is a breeze with the included handy storage bag made from the same durable nylon. The bag's drawstring seal ensures secure storage, while the sewn-in handle promises easy transportation.

The Centerpiece of Group Play Fun

Incorporate our Play Parachute into the S9935024 Recreation Kit in a box or the S9935034 Recreation kit in a carton for additional amusement and variety. Get ready for fantastic group play and endless fun!

Safely Packaged for Your Peace of Mind

Your peace of mind is our concern, thus we ensure safe packaging to guarantee that your play parachute arrives in excellent condition, ready for immediate enjoyment right from the box.

Technical Specifications

  • Diameter: 3.65 meters / 12 feet
  • Material: Long-lasting nylon
  • Handles: 12, for improved coordination and grip
  • Recommended for: Up to 6 children
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