MC-7015 Plate Freezer: High-Efficiency Freezing with Real-time Temperature Monitoring

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MC-7015 Plate Freezer: Unmatched Freezing Efficiency with Real-time Temperature Recording

  • Versatile Use: Ideal for various applications, such as touch screen degumming, quick-freezing of plasma and food, and low-temperature steel testing.
  • Precise Temperature Control: Offers a temperature range of -40 to -70 degrees Celsius with real-time recording and exportable reports.
  • User-friendly Interface: Features a 7-inch color touch screen for intuitive operation.
  • Reliable Power Supply: Integrated UPS system ensures an uninterrupted freezing process even during power outages.
  • Secure and Prompt Delivery: Safely packaged and shipped within approximately 25 working days by sea.

Invest in the MC-7015 Plate Freezer for precise and efficient quick-freeze applications across multiple industries.

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MC-7015 Plate Freezer: Unmatched Freezing Efficiency with Real-time Temperature Recording

Equip your professional setup with the technologically superior MC-7015 Plate Freezer that effortlessly caters to a range of applications, from quick-freezing of blood plasma to laptop and mobile phone touch-screen degumming. This versatile freezer with a temperature range of -40 to -70 degrees Celsius is ideally suited for industries like food processing, medical laboratories, and industrial manufacturing units.

The MC-7015 Plate Freezer is designed with user-friendly features like a 7-inch color touch screen interface that simplifies operations and delivers precision with real-time temperature recording capabilities. This vital function enables operators to closely monitor and regulate the environment, resulting in consistent performance every time.

  • Broad operating temperature range from -40 to -70 degrees Celsius, ideal for varied industrial applications
  • Real-Time Temperature Recording for precision and consistency
  • User-friendly 7-Inch Color Touch Screen Interface for easy operations
  • Integrated UPS control system offers reliable power back-up to prevent spoilage due to outages
  • USB Export compatible data port enables easy data management and performance analysis in Excel format

The freezer is equipped with a UPS control system, safeguarding your valuable items from potential waste due to power outages. The system also facilitates easy data management and analysis with a USB port that exports temperature control records in Excel format.

Each MC-7015 Plate Freezer is shipped in a sturdy wooden case to ensure the product's safety during transit. A one-time investment in the MC-7015 Plate Freezer guarantees highly efficient and reliable freezing functions to meet the diverse requirements of multiple industries.

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