Premium Set of 3 Cross Matching/Grouping Plates for Optimal Laboratory Services

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Premium Set of 3 Cross Matching/Grouping Plates For Laboratory Services: Dedicatedly crafted for laboratory applications, these Cross Matching/Grouping Plates are specifically designed to aid in blood grouping and cross-matching procedures.

  • Superior Build: Made from premium opal glass, ensuring longevity and resistance to chemical reactions.
  • Functional and Efficient: Comprises 4 distinctively labeled wells (Anti-A, Anti-B, Anti-AB, Anti-Rh), facilitating accurate and consistent results.
  • Extensive Utility: Indispensable for all laboratory setups performing blood grouping and cross-matching services.
  • Waste Management: Requires disposal as per local regulations under medical waste.
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  • Procurenet Team Tshim Sha Tsui
    Hong Kong Hong Kong 3 years

Introducing our Premium Set of 3 Cross Matching/Grouping Plates, specifically designed for esteemed laboratory services. This top-of-the-line set is an essential asset for various lab processes, with a keen primary focus on blood grouping and cross-matching.

The plates, constructed of high-quality opal glass, ensures a durable build and consistent performance, providing extended use for a fruitful return on investment. The marked wells for Anti-A, Anti-B, Anti-AB, and Anti-Rh foster precision in blood testing and cautiously minimize room for error.

Apart from the durable construction, the plates feature a well-defined design with a 20mm diameter and 3mm depth. The overall dimensions constitute 5x50x60mm, making them perfect in size - practical without compromising functionality. This feature is ideal for streamline operations and enhancing workspace organization.

The package includes a set of three plates, which is versatile and adaptable to diverse testing stages and multiple tests simultaneously - a superb long-term solution for assertive lab testing. Furthermore, the plates are reusable, fostering your laboratory's sustainability measures and decreasing unnecessary waste on disposal.

Safe disposal of these plates is recommended, adhering to local medical waste guidelines to promote eco-friendly laboratory practices. The plates are packed with insurance for product integrity, with each purchase delivering a set of three plates.

Boasting an estimated weight and volume of 1.0 kg and 0.0005m3 respectively, this product promises easy transportability and storage, making them ideal for lab practices at any scale. The size of the plates is also perfect for safekeeping.

Equipped with these plates, you will leverage the guaranteed reliability and accurate results in your lab, which is an integral part of your institution's success. Whether for basic or advanced laboratory settings, the Premium Set of 3 Cross Matching/Grouping Plates is a reliable tool.

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