PL405 Trifluoroacetate Salt: High Purity Fluorigenic Substrate for ECE-2 Enzymes

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  • High Purity: 98% (HPLC)
  • Specific and high affinity ECE-2 fluorigenic substrate
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The PL405 trifluoroacetate salt is a highly pure compound with a minimum purity of 98% as determined by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). It is a specific and high-affinity fluorigenic substrate for endothelin converting enzyme-2 (ECE-2). With its unique molecular structure and properties, this substrate is an invaluable tool for researchers studying ECE-2 and its related biological processes.

  • Product Code: L7670
  • Chemical Formula: AcSKGPya-F-W-Nop-GGKNH2 trifluoroacetate salt

The PL405 trifluoroacetate salt offers a range of features and benefits that make it ideal for investigating the activity, specificity, and inhibition of ECE-2 enzymes:

  • High Purity: The PL405 trifluoroacetate salt is of exceptional purity, ensuring accurate and reliable results in research applications. With a minimum purity of 98%, as determined by HPLC, researchers can trust the quality of this substrate.
  • Specificity for ECE-2: Designed to be highly specific for ECE-2 enzymes, the PL405 trifluoroacetate salt selectively interacts with these enzymes, allowing for in-depth studies and characterization.
  • High Affinity: The PL405 trifluoroacetate salt exhibits a high affinity for ECE-2 enzymes, enabling sensitive detection and measurement of enzyme activity. This high affinity allows for accurate determination of catalytic parameters and inhibition kinetics.
  • Fluorogenic Substrate: As a fluorigenic substrate, the PL405 trifluoroacetate salt undergoes a detectable change in fluorescence upon cleavage by ECE-2 enzymes. This property facilitates convenient and sensitive detection of enzyme activity, making it an excellent tool for studying ECE-2 catalysis.

The PL405 trifluoroacetate salt finds various applications in research:

  • Enzyme Kinetics Studies: Researchers commonly use the PL405 trifluoroacetate salt for studying the kinetics of ECE-2 enzymes. Its specific interaction with ECE-2 allows for the accurate determination of kinetic parameters such as substrate affinity, turnover rate, and enzyme inhibition.
  • Inhibition Studies: The PL405 trifluoroacetate salt is valuable for investigating the inhibition of ECE-2 enzymes. Its high affinity and specificity enable the screening and characterization of potential ECE-2 inhibitors, aiding in the development of new therapeutic strategies.
  • Mechanistic Studies: Researchers can utilize the PL405 trifluoroacetate salt to gain insights into the mechanisms of ECE-2 catalysis. By studying the fluorometric changes associated with substrate cleavage, they can elucidate the steps involved in ECE-2-mediated peptide hydrolysis.
  • Drug Discovery: Understanding the activity, specificity, and inhibition of ECE-2 enzymes is crucial in the development of novel therapeutics. The PL405 trifluoroacetate salt serves as a valuable tool for screening and characterizing compounds that modulate ECE-2 activity, facilitating drug discovery efforts.

In summary, the PL405 trifluoroacetate salt is a highly pure and specific fluorigenic substrate for studying ECE-2 enzymes. Its high affinity, specificity, and fluorogenic properties make it an excellent tool for investigating the kinetics, inhibition, and mechanism of action of ECE-2 enzymes. Researchers in the fields of enzyme kinetics, inhibition studies, mechanistic studies, and drug discovery will find the PL405 trifluoroacetate salt indispensable in their research endeavors.

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