3ml Sterile Transfer Pipette for Precise and Safe Liquid Handling in Labs

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Sterile Transfer Pipette – 3ml Capacity, Box of 500: Defined by its precise measurements in laboratory context, including PCR applications. The product ensures no cross-contamination, thanks to its single-use feature.

  • Precise Measurements: This 3ml transfer pipette delivers high accuracy and efficiency, making it ideal for any laboratory liquid transfer.
  • Cross-Contamination Prevention: With single-use disposability, the risk of cross-contamination is virtually eliminated.
  • Integrated Suction Bulb: Features an integrated flexible suction bulb for user convenience.
  • Sterile and Individually Packaged: Pipettes are individually peel-packed and sterile, ensuring cleanliness and safety.
  • Package Details: The box contains 500 pipettes, with an estimated weight and volume of 1.5kg and 0.002m3 respectively.
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Accurate and Sterile Liquid Handling with 3ml Sterile Transfer Pipette

The 3ml Sterile Transfer Pipette defines precision and accuracy in liquid handling and measurement, designed for critical laboratory applications including PCR and other sophisticated techniques. Expertly designed with a fine point tip for accurate measurement and an integrated flexible suction bulb for ease of handling, it ensures efficient, accurate, and sterile liquid delivery every time.

Product Features:

  • Design: The pipette comes with a fine point tip and integrated flexible suction bulb that guarantees easy handling.
  • Capacity: With a capacity of 3ml, our pipettes provide precise measurements crucial for rigorous research.
  • Sterility: The pipettes come in an individually peel-packed package that maintains sterility and eliminates cross-contamination.
  • Single-use: Designed for single-use, the pipettes prevent cross-contamination ensuring uncompromised cleanliness.
  • Versatility: These high-quality pipettes prove to be an ideal choice for various sophisticated techniques, including PCR applications
  • Easy Storage and Transportation: A box full of these pipettes weighs approximately 1.5kg and occupies an approximate volume of 0.002m3, making it easy to store and transport.

Trust the 3ml Sterile Transfer Pipettes for your research or diagnostic services and experience the superior performance they bring to every application. With our pipettes in your laboratory setup, you move a step closer to achieving accuracy, repeatability, and precision in every drop of your liquid handling.

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