High-Quality Yellow Pipette Tips for Precision Lab Processes

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High-Quality Yellow Pipette Tips (10-100ul, Pack of 960) for Laboratory Use: Ideal for various laboratory procedures, these precision tips are made of resilient polyethylene. Compatible with all standard automatic pipettes and offering a capacity of 10-100ul, these yellow pipette tips ensure accurate sample handling. Each pack consists of 960 tips, carefully packaged for convenience, with an approximate weight of 1.1kg and a volume of around 0.016m3.

  • Capacity: 10-100ul
  • Material: Resilient polyethylene
  • Compatibility: Universal adaptation to all standard automatic pipettes
  • Quantity: Package of 960 tips
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High-Quality Yellow Pipette Tips (10-100ul, Pack of 960) for Laboratory Use

Obtain unparalleled precision, definiteness, and consistency in your laboratory procedures with our High-Quality Yellow Pipette Tips. Designed for use with all standard automatic pipettes, these rugged polyethylene tips ensure zero residual liquid, assuring accuracy and reliability in your measurements.

Fitted with a robust capacity of 10-100ul, these pipette tips are suited for a multitude of lab experiments and tests. Their standout yellow color enhances visibility, reducing the odds of mix-ups within a busy laboratory setting.

Pivotal Features and Benefits

  • Wide-Ranging Capacity: Ideal for a plethora of lab experiments with a capacity range of 10-100ul.
  • Durable Material: Fabricated with sturdy polyethylene for long-lasting use.
  • Distinguished Yellow Color: Eases identification and minimizes laboratory errors.
  • Universal Compatibility: Crafted to fit all standard automatic pipettes, enhancing efficiency and reducing downtime.
  • Ample Quantity: Bounty of 960 pieces ensuring a fresh tip is always within reach.

Intended Use

The High-Quality Yellow Pipette Tips are an excellent addition to any lab and are perfect for conducting tasks in various applications like biology, chemistry, medicine, and the pharmaceutical sector.

Technical Specifications

Characteristic Specification
Weight of Product 1.1kg approximately
Volume 0.016m^3 approximately
Color Designation Vibrant Yellow
Multiplicity 960 tips

Lean towards consistency and precision with our High-Quality Yellow Pipette Tips, your companion for all laborious laboratory tasks.

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