Premium High-Capacity Pipette Tips | Blue | 100-1000ul | Pack of 1152

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High-Quality Pipette Tips, Blue, 100-1000ul, Pack of 1152

  • Precision-crafted from durable polypropylene guaranteeing longevity and uniform performance.
  • These high-standard pipette tips incorporate a capacity range from 100 to 1000ul, providing versatility in measurements.
  • Universally compatible with all standard automatic pipettes, emphasizing adaptability across various lab environments.
  • Blue color ensuring easy identification amongst lab materials.
  • Availability in bulk packs of 1152 providing an economical choice for labs. Please note, automatic pipette not included.
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Experience exceptional precision in your lab work with our high-quality pipette tips. Designed to enhance the accuracy of your research, these premium pipette tips with a capacity range from 100 to 1000ul are an indispensable tool for a vast array of lab techniques. Suitable for use in multiple lab settings, from simpler district hospital labs to the sophisticated reference centers, our pipette tips guarantee ease of use, and reliable performance.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: The pipette tips have a broad capacity range from 100 to 1000ul, offering flexibility for your diverse lab requirements.
  • Material: Fabricated from premium polypropylene, these pipette tips guarantee robustness, longevity, and resistance to chemical degradation.
  • Color: The uniform blue color of the pipette tips allows for easy identification, bringing in ease of use and a dash of color to your routine lab tasks.
  • Compatibility: Designed for universal use, our pipette tips are compatible with all standard automatic pipettes, ensuring seamless utility and improved productivity.
  • Quantity: Our pack consists of 1152 pipette tips, assuring less frequent replacements and uninterrupted workflow.

Usage: These pipette tips cater to a multitude of lab techniques, making them a versatile asset to your lab. Their compatibility from the simplest to the most advanced lab settings further amplifies their practicality.

Packing Details: The package includes 1 (one) blue pipette tip box, packed with 1152 pipette tips with a capacity ranging between 100-1000ul.

Weight and Volume: Weighing at an estimated 1.3kg and a volume of around 0.002m3, our pipette tips ensure comfortable handling and efficient storage.

Note: For the use of these pipette tips, an automatic pipette is needed, which is not included in the package.

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