Pipette Tip Barrier Ster Blue 100-1000ul, Pack of 1152 – Precision Performance for Labs & Research Centers

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Enhance precision in your lab with our Pipette Tip Barrier Ster Blue 100-1000ul, packed with 1152 units. The transparent polypropylene tips ensure durability and longevity. Notable advantages include:

  • Filter Aerosol Barrier: These pipette tips contain a built-in filter aerosol barrier, enhancing safety while operating.
  • Sterile, RNase- and DNase-free: Ideal for PCR techniques and reference centres owing to their sterility and absence of RNase and DNase.
  • Universal Compatibility: They are applicable with all standard automatic pipettes, thus, adding flexibility to your work.

Please note, the product does not include an automatic pipette. The package weighs around 1.3kg with a volume of 0.016m3. Order now to upgrade your lab’s accuracy and safety.

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The Pipette Tip Barrier Ster Blue 100-1000ul, Pack of 1152 from Precision Lab Supplies is a leading-edge, high-quality laboratory tool that is designed to ensure optimal precision, safety, and efficiency during pipetting. This comprehensive pack provides an ample supply for laboratories and research centers, ensuring secure, precise and uninterrupted pipetting for various applications.

Supreme Quality and Durability

Made from robust transparent polypropylene, these pipette tips are highly durable and are structured for extended use. The transparency allows for simple visual monitoring of the samples, making your research process easier and more credible.

Exceptional Safety Features

With an integrated filter aerosol barrier, these pipette tips significantly improve laboratory safety, preventing cross-contamination of samples. The pipette tips are also RNase, DNase-free, and sterile, which ensure the complete integrity and purity of your samples are preserved.

Unparalleled Convenience

These pipette tips are compatible with all standard automatic pipettes, contributing to a hassle-free setup and pipetting process. With a volume range of 100-1000ul, these pipette tips offer the flexibility required for various pipetting applications.

Optimized for PCR Techniques

Designed with PCR techniques in mind, these pipette tips are essential for life science research and medical diagnostics. The structure and quality material support highly efficient DNA and RNA amplification, contributing to the reliability of your research outcomes. Please note that the automatic pipette is not included with this pack.

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